I admit it: I have a crazy love affair with coffee (who doesn’t?). It’s a sure-fire way to start my morning off with a tasty, fresh kick, whether it’s being made from an app or with my stovetop. Sadly, my coffee maker is not the most portable gadget in the world. If I’m traveling, in the great outdoors, or on the run during the day, I typically have to shell out a few bucks for a good brew. (And no, I’m NOT a fan of instant coffee. Yuck.)

However, my Starbucks days may soon be drawing to a close. I’ve just discovered a new java innovation, called Coffeebrewer, that lets you make coffee just about anywhere, with no fancy equipment required.

Coffeebrewer is a disposable, one-time use French press. Consisting of a specially designed bag, filter, and specialty coffee beans, one Coffeebrewer and some hot water will help you get your java fix. All you have to do to brew a fresh cup of joe is open the bag, fill with .5 L of hot water, and then let brew between 5 and 8 minutes.

With this method, you can get the taste of coffee brewed with a French press and made as simply as instant coffee. The method of brewing protects the flavors and aroma of the beans, and once you pour your first 1.5 cups of coffee, the grounds will be separated from the rest to prevent the bitterness that comes from overbrewing.

While certainly not the most eco-friendly option for every day, the Coffeebrewer is awesome for those occasions when you need your coffee as portable as possible. Whether you’re camping or staying at a hotel, you can have a fresh, hot cup of quality java… without packing your whole coffeemaker! And if you’re currently still running into coffee shops for a pricey disposable cup o’ joe anyway, carrying this $3.50 solution in your bag might be a better solution.

And though it does produce more waste than other brewing methods, the coffee is certified fair trade and organic, so it’s definitely a viable, karma-friendly option for those on-the-go caffeine cravings. It’s not a replacement for your good, old-fashioned coffee maker by any means, but might make for a nice supplemental option.

How do you get your coffee on the go? Would you use the disposable Coffeebrewer? Talk to me in the comments below or over on Twitter.