This Lion Made You a Pair of Jeans
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This Lion Made You a Pair of Jeans

We don’t even know if we can call distressed denim a trend, because it’s shown such staying power over the years. From cut-offs to ripped knees, we’re always on board with a rough-and-tumble, lived-in pair of jeans. When we first heard of Zoo Jeans, we assumed they were some sort of Japanese Zubaz… but no. These wild designers are a bit more adventurous. They’ve taken distressed denim to a whole ‘nother level.

Zoo Jeans has partnered up with Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City to create truly one-of-a-kind pairs of jeans, distressed by the paws and claws of lions, tigers and bears. After wrapping the denim fabric tightly around old tires and rubber balls (their favorite playthings!), the zookeepers then let the animals loose on their new toys. Once the fabric had been sufficiently abused by these playful and ferocious creatures, Zoo Jeans used it to create these unique designs.

Here’s a fierce lion, strategically biting your pants…

And a teething tiger, who’s like, “OH HAAAAY GUYS”…

And these bears who just don’t know how to share…

Zoo Jeans is currently auctioning off these pairs to raise money for the zoo and the World Wildlife Fund to protect all those lions, tigers and bears. “Designed by Tigers” and “Designed by Lions” could be in your closet for only a few thousand bucks. If you find yourself in Japan at the moment, you can also see the denim on exhibit at the Kamine Zoo until next week.

Is anyone else wondering if they could try this tactic with their house cat? Let us know how it works out in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post)