We probably don’t realize or acknowledge just how much we rely on plugs these days. But in the age of technology, the plug is the only way we can connect to all the devices we need in order to function throughout the day. So what happens when you take the humble old plug and make it, well, smarter? You get something that has the potential to completely change the future of home technology.

The Smartplug by Zuli has just raised 1.65 million dollars after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. Using Bluetooth technology connected to your smartphone, the plugs turn each of your outlets into intelligent machines that automatically anticipate your needs.

The plugs recognize when you walk into or out of a room, triggering customized actions like turning on appliances, dimming lights or boosting the air conditioner temperature as soon as you enter or exit a room.

The more plugs you have, the more stuff you’re able to do. Three plugs is the suggested minimum, which will allow the devices to work in tandem and communicate with each other.

After a few false starts, the Smartplug is set to be released in November. You can pre-order the plugs now, but don’t get your hopes up for immediately running your new smart home. Those orders probably wont be shipped until the second batch is produced, in early 2015. Still, to ring in the new year with a fully automated and responsive home probably wouldn’t be all that bad.

So what do you think of this newest innovation in home tech? Would you use these plugs, or do you like the old-fashioned satisfaction of turning the lights on yourself?