Nest just keeps coming up with ways to make our houses smarter. We were impressed with the thermostat that could learn our habits to save energy and maintain the perfect temp, and we were downright blown away when they made the smartest smoke detector ever. Now they may make your future home safer, whether you’re there or not.

The Google-owned smart home company just acquiredDropcam, which makes in-home cameras to keep you connected to your home from anywhere. While you’re at home, the cameras come in handy for allowing you to check in on a sleeping baby or chat with someone in another room since the cameras feature a built-in mic and speaker.

Away from home, rest assured that Dropcam is watching everything that goes on in the house and utilizing cloud-based storage for you to view every second now, later or never. This means you can not only keep an eye on your valuables while on vacation, but you can go back and watch that unforgettable surprise party moment again and again.

Dropcam is incredibly intuitive and offers features you might not expect, like location awareness so the camera will turn on or off depending on where you are and intelligent alerts sent by email or text based on pre-determined preferences. Impressive camera quality gets kicked up a notch with features like night vision and mega zooming capabilities.

Nest bringing Dropcam under their umbrella makes sense. The companies care about the same thing — helping people stay connected with their homes. There’s no question the purchase will bring up concerns of personal privacy with all Dropcam devices indirectly owned by Google. Currently, under Nest’s privacy policy, data shouldn’t be shared with the search engine giant, something we hope sticks (NSA, you stay outta our very personal business, too, k?). Dropcam is steadily adding new products and innovating existing ones, so we can’t wait to see how the partnership changes the safety and communication systems within our smart homes.

How do you feel about Nest getting into the in-home camera game? Would you trust the cameras to make your home safer?