We love all the new ways inventors are finding to automate the existing gadgets in our homes, but what about brand new gadgets? There’s gotta be a more efficient way to listen to music in your living room, hang a TV without killing your design aesthetic, and keep track of the goods (and bads) in your fridge, right?

Right! Here are 20 gadgets (some in concept form, some in the works!) that you can expect to see in your future home. And be sure to stay tuned for our roundup of the latest and greatest from CES later this week.

1. Hi-Can Bed: Also known as the Canopy 3.0. This extremely modern piece of furniture is a new take on the four-poster bed. Not only does it come with remote control blinds that let you achieve maximum darkness at any time of day but is also happens to have a built-in HD projector and top of the range audio system. Oh, and an Xbox. Plus you can just adjust lighting and mattress level. What more could you want?

2. Smartplate: One of the Electrolux Design finalists for 2012, the Smartplate is an intelligent dish that attaches musical notes, harmonies, and rhythm to each ingredient on your plate so you can listen to your food while you eat it. A little on the strange side, but we’re definitely intrigued by the audio innovation.

3. Lockitron: Shipping as soon as May 2013, Lockitron is a futuristic concept we’re sure to see in modern homes soon.

4. Acoustable: This coffee table doubles as a speaker. That’s right, a gigantic speaker! Described as “sound furniture,” the accountable combines good acoustics with user-friendly ergonomics in one stylish package. We can’t decide if this is crazy or awesome, but we really want to try it out.

5. Kohler Numi Toilet: Let’s just get right to the features with this one. It boasts a motion-activated lid and seat that senses when you enter the room, advanced budget functionality, integrated air dryer (no more drip dry!), deodorizer, heated seat, floor-level heat vents to keep your feet warm, illuminated panels to create ambient lighting, and, finally, MUSIC. It’s a toilet and a sound system!

6. Magic Mirror: Speaking of getting more bang for your buck in the loo, the Cybertecture Mirror is an interactive mirror that lets you view photos, catch up on social media, and more.

7. AGA iTotal Control: This multi-oven contraption, based on a traditional AGA, lets you control your oven via text message. The entire interface is digital and synced with a smartphone app, and makes getting dinner ready a cinch.

8. Milkmaid: Another one that appeared in our Kitchen 3.0 article, the Milkmaid monitors your milk using pH sensors, and tells you how much milk you have via a free smartphone app if you’re not at home.

9. Self-Cleaning Auto-Ordering Fridge: No one likes to clean the fridge, so why not have you fridge do the dirty work for you? This fridge, developed by scientists at University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado, is designed to clean itself, cut down on wasted food, scan its shelves for food and provide you with recipes, shows you how to get the most of out of your leftovers, and even reorders food to replenish your fridge. Amazing.

10. The Nano Garden: You might remember this one from last summer. The Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai is a super cool concept for growing a vegetable garden right in your kitchen. The concept takes tiered metal shelving, climate controlled panels, purposefully-directed lumens, and an attachment to a water source to make your indoor vegetable crop dreams a potential reality. Because light, water and nutrient supply is totally controllable, it’s up to you how quickly you want your veggies to grow. It will alert you if you’re overwatering, over-sunning, or if your plants need more nutrients. It even works to naturally purify the air in your home.

11. Aeroball: Described as a revolutionary way to improve the spaces in which we live, the Aeroball is a collection of tiny bubbles that float and hover to clean and filter the air around you. You can even get a scented variety!

12. Urban Treehouse: Is that 4th floor not quite cutting it? Expand your domain by heading across the street! (Sure this isn’t exactly a gadget, but it definitely has a futuristic vibe.)

13. Transparent TV: Designed by Michael Friebe, this piece of technology combines conventional LCD and TOLED display technology. Even though the TV is transparent, it can create solid moving pictures with just as much definition as your regular flat screen.

14. Portable Fireplaces: Many of these already exist, but we see the portable fireplace as a more commonplace trend in the years ahead.

15. Combi Monitor: This monitor is a concept for a literal print screen. Take a screenshot of whatever you like and it will print straight from the monitor. Love it.

16. Floor Plan Light Switch: Known for turning every light on in your house before getting to the right one? This switch mimics the floor plan of your home (or a specific room) making accurate illumination far simpler.

17. Orbital Washing Machine: The Orbital aims to simplify the washing process. It comes with two baskets, one for whites and one for colors. Pop the basket into the machine and pop out still in basket form. The spherical shape surges clothes in all directions for a faster and more energy efficient wash, and the detergent tray dispenses detergent based on load and water level. Smart!

18. Bediator: Who needs a heating pad when your bed doubles as a radiator?

19. Memory: Another Electrolux finalist, Memory is a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person.

20. SOMA: And finally, on the topic of beverages, a product in its last hours of fundraising over on Kickstarter. When’s the last time you changed your Brita filter? You know those weird black spots that freak you out? They are definitely not cool. Not to mention not being the most attractive water receptacle around. For the eco-chic generation, we’re pumped to share the launch of Soma, a glass carafe with a 100 percent compostable filter that actually looks good. Plus, they send you filters every two months so you’ll be sure to change it up! Love it.

What futuristic gadgets have you stumbled upon online? Which of the ones above do you find ridiculous, genius, or just whatever? Talk to us in the comments below.