The heated issue of access to birth control isn’t one that will be cooling down any time soon (especially if our readers have anything to say about it… and you definitely do!). That’s why it’s so important to keep yourself fully informed. While plenty of peeps take various kinds of BC to prevent pregnancy (which is totally within a person’s right, obvs), there are many other health reasons folks need access to birth control, and we break ‘em down here.

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PostiveMed gives us eight reasons (other than preventing pregnancy) to take birth control, while BuzzFeed can identify a whopping 28, and since we’re not MDs ourselves, we’ll do our best to identify the key and possibly more common reasons (please feel free and encouraged to add more in the comments).

Reason #1

Many peeps take birth control to help manage endometriosis and painful, long periods, as well as regulate wonky menstruation timing.

Reason #2

By keeping hormones regulated, it can help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Reason #3

Birth control can help those dealing with acne by reducing the production of testosterone.

Reason #4

It can also help ease the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome — including abnormal periods, weight gain and hair loss — again by regulating hormones.

Reason #5

Birth control can be used to prevent the return of ovarian cysts.

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Reason #6

Hormone shifts can cause some unfortunate folks migraines. By keeping hormone levels steady, birth control can help prevent and/or lessen the pain.

Reason #7

Some suffer more than others due to their hormones when it comes to mental health, and regulating hormones can aid in preventing scary moods.

Reason #8

Because birth control regulates your hormones, it can be used as a hormone replacement therapy that helps folks cope with peri-menopause.

woman with flu

Reason #9

Birth control can apparently help you avoid catching the flu (not sure if this is specifically a reason someone would use it, but it’s still a pretty cool fact).

Reason #10

MyDogIsInSlytherin gave BuzzFeed another reason, saying, “I’m a trans guy. It’s pretty self-explanatory.” Definitely.

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