Tinder is an emotional minefield. For every story about internet couples who swiped their way to 鈥渢he one,鈥 there are a dozen more about bots and scammers, lame puns, guys who ghost and straight-up jerks. If you feel like you鈥檙e at your breaking point (as in, about to break your phone in half), take a break from trying to craft that perfect profile and let off some digital steam with one of our snarky suggestions for bios you鈥檇 write if you were REALLY being honest about how you feel about online dating.

woman texting

1. 鈥淚鈥檓 like a reality TV villain: Not here to make friends.鈥

2. 鈥淟ooking for the man of my dreams鈥 not my nightmares.鈥

3. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e only here for hook-ups 鈥 well okay fine, everyone knows that鈥檚 what this app is for.鈥

4. 鈥淚f you say you 鈥榳ork in finance,鈥 I better not find out you鈥檙e a bank teller.鈥

5. 鈥淚 reply to inappropriate pics with Google Image searches that will haunt you forever. You鈥檝e been warned.鈥

woman texting

6. 鈥淥nly here because OKCupid wasn鈥檛 working out.鈥

7. 鈥淟ike my photos? Each one took at least 20 tries.鈥

8. 鈥淣on-Hemsworth brothers need not apply.鈥

9. 鈥淥nly send me a 鈥楬ey Girl鈥 Ryan Gosling meme if you鈥檙e actually Ryan Gosling.鈥

10. 鈥淩eally? That鈥檚 your opening line?

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