The witching hour is nearer than ever, which means you may be scrambling to get those last-minute details of your Halloween party sorted out. Maybe you’re in need of colorful wall decorations, creative treat boxes or fun activities to keep guests entertained. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the coolest set of printables you’ll need for your timely Halloween get-together. Whatever your last-minute shindig needs, these 22 free Halloween printables are here to help you out!

Spooky Halloween Coloring Page Printables

1. Spooky Halloween Coloring Page Printables: We can’t let kids have all the fun! Check out these pretty printables we’ve come up with for you and your girl gang to color the (fright) night away. Just bust out those colored pencils and markers and you’re all set for a fun and easy activity. (via Brit + Co)

Treat Bag Topper Halloween Printables

2. Treat Bag Topper Printables: These stylish treat toppers will have guests thinking you spent more time on them than you did. Staple them onto colorful treat bags for a similar look or use what Ziploc bags you have on hand. (via Lindsey Crafter)

Fall Scratch and Sniff Halloween Printable Stickers

3. Fall Scratch and Sniff Printable Stickers: Whether you’re sending out invites or giving away treat bags, these printable scratch and sniff stickers are the ones to add for that decorative punch. Just use any sugar-free powder (like Jell-O, pumpkin pie spice or tea) to whip up your custom scent. (via Damask Love)

Boo Halloween Printable Gift Tags

4. “Boo” Printable Gift Tags: You’ll be sending guests home with creative party favors thanks to this printable. Spruce up basic treat bags with these cute “Boo” gift tags featuring a sneaky li’l eyeball squeezed in between the letters. (via Design Eat Repeat)

Happy Halloween Printable Banner

5. Happy Halloween Printable Banner: String up these bright and colorful pennants to give your walls a fancy touch. Print them out on regular computer paper or cardstock — either way, you’ll have festive wall decor. (via Design Eat Repeat)

Printable Eyeball Wreath

6. Printable Eyeball Wreath: These colorful eyeball printables only require you to worry about how to arrange them on your wreath. The best part is, you can even take any extra eyeballs you have lying around to make a mask out of it! (via See Vanessa Craft)

Happy Planner Printable Halloween Stickers

7. Happy Planner Printable Halloween Stickers: Make time for a planner decorating sesh with these printable Halloween stickers. Your guests will love getting to deck out whatever it is they brought with these bright and bold stickers. (via Simply Made Fun)


8. Fang Treat Bag Printables: Ensure a *fangtastic* evening with these vampire-inspired treat bags. They’ll turn ordinary candy into an extra special treat with their creative and festive design! (via Make and Tell)


9. Halloween Votive Wraps: Celebrate the spooky occasion with these pretty patterned votive wraps that’ll add color to your mantel or table setting. You can easily slip them onto your candles for the party then remove them once the night ends, leaving you with everyday candle decorations. (via Make and Tell)


10. “Trick or Treat Yo Self” Treat Bag Printables: Treat yo’self with this printable label you can slap on just about anything. Whether you need to spruce up invitation envelopes or treat bags, these bold designs should do just the trick. (via Damask Love)


11. Cupcake Wrappers and Flags: There’s no time for fancy cupcake designs if you’re in a pinch. Luckily, you can still step up your baked treats with printable wrappers and flag toppers to give it that extra oomph. (via Little Luxuries Loft)


12. Hocus Pocus Cupcake Toppers: We couldn’t get through this roundup without including *something* Hocus Pocus-inspired. Set the mood for a viewing party with these fab cupcake toppers that are sure to put a spell on guests. (via Val Event Gal)


13. Halloween Bingo Printable: If you’re in a hurry, prep for your party with a printable version of the classic game. Grab some candy corns for your bingo markers and you’re ready to play! (via Alice & Lois)


14. Halloween Shadow Puppet Printables: Grab some patterned straws for this shadow puppets DIY. As cool as they are to play with, they’ll work just as great as festive drink stirrers and cake toppers. (via Julep)


15. Happy Haunting Garland Printable: This garland is so simple and chic, but goes with practically *everything.* Once you finish cutting out the letters, coat them with glitter for extra pizzazz and use a piece of embroidery thread to hang it over your doorway. (via Vivint)

16. Harry Potter Treat Box Printables: You can never go wrong with anything Harry Potter. Whip up these DIY treat boxes that your HP-obsessed friends will adore. Fill them up with candies inspired by the books, like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs. (via Little Luxuries Loft)


17. Pool Float Pumpkin DIY: No worries if you can’t let go of summer just yet. DIY these pool float pumpkins with free printables and you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind set of swans, flamingos, parrots, toucans and rainbow unicorns! (via A Joyful Riot)


18. “Trick or Treat” Garland: Take your dessert table decor to the next level by hanging this festive garland above it. Complete the look with a few black bats — it’ll look awesome when paired with the candy corn colors. (via A Beautiful Mess)


19. Black Cat Treat Cone Printables: Mix things up with these cone-shaped treat bags that are a cinch to make. Just download and print out the template and you’ll have a treat cone ready to fill up with tasty party treats in no time. (via We Are Scout)


20. Halloween Paper Plate Printable DIYs: These festive 3D paper plates are so easy to make, they’ll feel like a steal compared to the overpriced ones from the store. Pro tip: Make your 3D details really pop by bending the pieces slightly over the rim of the plate. (via Delia Creates)


21. Printable Bats on the Wall: Whether you choose to hang them from the ceiling or paste them on the walls, bats are textbook when it comes to classic Halloween decorations. For a more colorful option, use multicolored paper when cutting out your bats. (via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)


22. Skeleton Game Printable: Keep kids occupied and adults entertained with this fun and easy skeleton game. All you’ll need to do is print out the file, and then grab a pair of dice to play. (via All for the Boys)

Which of these printables will you use at your party? Check us out on Pinterest for more last-minute Halloween ideas!