With Christmas decorating season in full swing, there鈥檚 no time like now to get started on DIY Christmas decor. As easy as it is to get store-bought ornaments, there鈥檚 just something so satisfying about making your own decorations and displaying them on your Christmas tree. In addition to how pretty these DIYs turn out, it doesn鈥檛 hurt that you end up saving money. If you鈥檙e like us and love all things cheap and chic, keep reading for more DIY Christmas ornaments!

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

1. DIY Paper Ornaments: Strips of paper and hot glue are all it takes to make these pretties. Add an embroidery thread tassel and you鈥檙e all set to beautify your Christmas tree! (via Brit + Co)

DIY Rudolph Christmas Ornaments

2. DIY Rudolph Ornaments: Repurpose your old ornaments for a fresh new take on Christmas decor with these adorable Rudolph-inspired DIYs. So long as you have hot glue, red pom-poms and craft foam, you鈥檙e good to go! (via Studio DIY)

DIY Mod Wooden Christmas Ornaments

3. DIY Mod Wooden Ornaments: If you鈥檝e got a thing for neon and bold hues, this DIY is where it鈥檚 at. It may take an evening to whip up these colorful wooden ornaments, but they鈥檒l last you for many more holiday seasons to come. (via Say Yes)

DIY Agate Slice Christmas Ornaments

4. DIY Agate Slice Ornaments: There鈥檚 something just *so* enchanting about agate slice decor, so you know there鈥檚 no resisting ornaments made of these natural beauts! Leave as-is or add a shimmery gold sheen to the outside trim of the slices using a gold-leaf marker pen. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Sprinkles Christmas Ornaments

5. DIY Sprinkles Ornaments: It isn鈥檛 just baking where sprinkles do wonders. Coat the bottom half of plain baubles for fun and fab ornaments that鈥檒l have you craving something sweet. (via Adorablest)

DIY French Fries Christmas Ornaments

6. DIY French Fries Ornaments: Speaking of food, here鈥檚 a DIY that鈥檚 sure to get your munchies going. Whip up some French fries ornaments for truly unique holiday decor. (via Studio DIY)

DIY Brightly Painted Christmas Ornaments

7. DIY Brightly Painted Christmas Ornaments: Contrary to popular opinion, you don鈥檛 have to be a DIY master to pull off all these crafts. Take these brightly painted ornaments, for example. Just paint abstract brushstroke patterns onto white ornaments and voila! Beautiful decorations with minimal effort. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

DIY Buffalo Check Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments

8. DIY Buffalo Check Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments: Perler beads were a quintessential part of your childhood. Bring 鈥榚m back with this festive DIY project both you and your kids can do! (via The Scrap Shoppe)

DIY Candy Stripe Alphabet Ornaments

9. DIY Candy Stripe Alphabet Ornaments: You can never go wrong with a personalized touch. Using recycled cardboard, DIY these sparkly alphabet ornaments for the ultimate stocking stuffer that doubles as holiday decor. (via Craft Paper Scissors)

DIY Color Blocked Instagram Christmas Ornaments

10. DIY Color Blocked Instagram Ornaments: With so many memories being made and Instagram photos being taken during the holidays, it makes sense to share them with Instagram-inspired ornaments. You can even give them away to friends and family as thoughtful gifts. (via The Crafted Life)


11. DIY Glitter Unicorn Ornaments: Few things are more magical than a unicorn鈥 except for a glitter-covered unicorn! Transform your holiday space into a discoteque with these sparkly ornaments. (via A Bubbly Life / Hooray)


12. DIY Mini Straw Trees: Who knew such cute ornaments could be made out of something as simple as a straw? Save money on new decorations and upcycle striped straws into these mini Christmas tree-inspired decorations. (via Ef Zin Creations)


13. DIY Crochet Christmas Tree: Cozy up your tree with a couple of knitted goods like this DIY crochet Christmas tree. Make an extra one for Grandma, to show off your skills. (via Hands Occupied)


14. DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments: If there鈥檚 a shortcut to making anything look elegant and chic, it has to be gold leaf. Take advantage of the DIY secret weapon by coating plain or painted baubles with it to instantly elevate your Christmas tree. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


15. DIY Eye Ornament: Bold graphics are always a win in our book. So no surprise these *eye-catching* ornaments made the list. Whip up these DIYs now for some serious holiday eye candy! ;) (via A Beautiful Mess)


16. DIY Glitter Ball Ornaments: Trick your friends and family into thinking you鈥檝e invested in pricey Christmas decorations this year when you鈥檝e actually saved loads with this DIY. Cover styrofoam balls in varying sizes with colored glitter and you鈥檝e got it! (via Design Improvised)

pinata ornament

17. DIY Pi帽ata Ornaments: When have pi帽atas ever failed to make a space even more festive? Turn up your holiday decor with these fun pi帽ata-inspired ornaments you can fill with candy or a small stocking stuffer. (via Little Inspiration)


18. DIY Marbled Christmas Tree Ornaments: Now鈥檚 your chance to put those cookie cutters to use when you aren鈥檛 baking. After creating your marbled designs, cut them out using cookie cutters shaped like Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men and more! (via Sarah Johnson)


19. DIY Mini French Macaron Ornaments: You may not be able to eat this DIY but it sure does look tasty! Spray paint bottle caps in a variety of colors for this delightful dessert-inspired decoration DIY. (via Dwell Beautiful)


20. DIY Punny Ornaments: Your ornaments will *sleigh* this year. Put all your saved-up dad jokes to good use, or look to ours for inspo! (via Brit + Co)


21. DIY Upcycled Toy Car Christmas Ornaments: Turn dollar store trees into the cutest little toy car ornaments *ever.* All you鈥檒l need is a can of spray paint and a few sprigs from your Christmas tree. (via Let鈥檚 Do Something Crafty)


22. DIY Clay Pot Christmas Bell Ornament: Pay homage to classic jingle bells with these DIY bell ornaments made out of clay pots. They may be fun to ring, but they鈥檒l look even more festive hanging on your tree. (via Hello, Wonderful)


23. DIY Personalized Polka Dot Ornaments: Give white ceramic ornaments a classy upgrade with gold foil polka dots and a red ribbon. Then take the extra step and add foil transfer letters for a personalized touch. (via This Design Journal)


24. DIY Pretzel Ornaments: If you love all things Anthropologie, you鈥檒l adore these DIY Anthro-inspired pretzel ornaments. Regardless of whether your tree is huge or tiny, make sure it鈥檚 decked out with a ton of these guys! (via Brit + Co)

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