A few weeks back we introduced you to an聽infographic on body image聽that was going viral across the web. The infographic, designed by聽The Greatist, made it painfully obvious just how quickly and dramatically our beauty ideals have shifted over the past 100 years. Now it looks as though Buzzfeed has piggybacked on that concept with a video that covers not only the past 100 years of female body ideas, but the past 3,000.

The video starts off in 1292 B.C (the Egyptian Era) with a slender woman who has narrow shoulders and a high waist. We then move to Ancient Greece, where things get a whole lot curvier, with full-bodied hips and light skin. Then the video progresses into the Han Dynasty, which features a gal of much smaller proportions who has small feet and a slim waist. Because there obviously wasn鈥檛 photography during these eras, the beauty ideals featured from these periods have primarily been drawn from what we can conclude from art history.


After the Italian Renaissance we jump into the centuries we鈥檙e a little more familiar with: the Victorian Era, Roaring 鈥20s, Golden Age of Hollywood, etc. There we saw all the classic stick-figured flappers, curvy 鈥50s ladies and 鈥90s Heroin-chic ideals. The video sums up postmodern beauty (from the 鈥00s until today) as someone who displays a healthy sort of skinny, with flat abs, full breasts and a curvy bottom (pretty much Kim Kardashian).


We hope that after taking a look at this video and The Greatist鈥榮 infographic, it鈥檚 become crystal clear that there is no one perfect body. While you might feel you鈥檙e a little bit short and stout now, that might be what everyone is longing for in ten year鈥檚 time. But really, who cares? Beauty ideals be damned, rock what your mama gave you and do it proudly.

What body type do you resemble most from history? Share with us in the comments below.聽

(h/t Buzzfeed)