We’re all well aware of the damage sitting at our desks all day is doing to our health, yet none of us really take the time to invest in altering it. While some people get standing desks or surfing desks to fix back problems or to improve their posture in general, many think exercising at work is too time consuming or disruptive to their workflow. That excuse is valid no longer thanks to a super handy infographic from Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor that highlights simple exercises you can do at your office (most of them at your desk) in five minutes. Yep, seven exercises in five minutes. Combine it with some office stretches and you’ll be a fitness star before your next review.



You can get two core cardio exercises completed in under two minutes. Work on your quads, calves + butt by using your building’s staircase as a static StairMaster. After completing some office stadiums, do as many jumping jacks as possible in 30 seconds to work on numerous areas of your body. Both of these activities improve your cognitive function, which protects your brain from aging. Meaning your creativity will never end ;)


Legs + Lower Back

Two minutes, three exercises. There’s no excuses not to do these routines everyday, as you barely have to move your body. From chair squats to leg lifts and a wall chair pose, you’ll be getting your quads, booty + hip flexors tight and right. Not only that, but these moves help to improve your body’s stability while diminishing the loss of age-related mobility (high fives to that!).


Upper Body + Arms

By using your desk or your office’s kitchen table, you can easily knock out a minute’s worth of push-ups. Then move on to some chair shrugs during lunch or when you need an afternoon break from the computer screen. You’ll be improving multiple muscles throughout the body while also preventing osteoporosis.


Will you be adding these workouts to your daily office routine? Let us know in the comments.