By now we all know that our bodies were not made to sit as much as they do in this tech-driven world. Which is why we’ve seen SO many standing desks popping up all over the place. Going between standing and sitting at work majorly increases productivity and has major health benefits. You could make your own from scratch or you could build your own with IKEA’s new BEKANT.

The much loved furniture retailer’s standing desk is standing out for a lot of reasons. It’s making standing desks more available to the public (like, you can go pick one up over the weekend with ease), and it has a feature that a lot of the more affordable options have been lacking up until now: It allows you to switch from sitting to standing and back to sitting again within seconds.

Watch the BEKANT in action:

The desk looks and behaves similarly to the Stir Kinetic Desk, which retails for $3,890. Even the more affordable Stand Desk starts at $399, but can cost you upwards of $950 after you choose accessories and finishes.

The BEKANT comes in a traditional rectangular style ($489), a cornered style ($599), a five-sided style ($499) and a two-person workstation ($1,196) for the office. As far as colors go, IKEA‘s classic options are all available in different combinations: Black, white, birch-veneer, black-brown and gray.

We just hope all of this affordable awesomeness means we’ll soon start seeing the all-standing-desk offices of our dreams.

What are the chances you get yourself one of these bad boys? Sound off below!