It doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 15, or 25 — birthdays are always a big deal. Even though you love your own birthday, celebrating your bestie is sweet in and of itself. Not only do you get to dote on someone you adore, but you also can take a moment to be nostalgic about the fact that this is, like, the 15th birthday you’ve celebrated together. Read on for seven refreshing ways to celebrate your best friend on her big day.

1. Snag some freebies. If you’re feeling whimsical, follow the trail of free swag on your bestie’s birthday. From ice cream at Baskin Robbins (or fro-yo, if you prefer, at Pinkberry) to dinner at Benihana to brow service at Benefit, there are tons of stores just waiting to celebrate your friend alongside you.

2. Collect flowers for a DIY crown. For creative and outdoorsy types, hunt down your local florist and find a flower-arranging or flower crown-making class. If you can’t locate one, simply head for the woods and use this DIY paper cherry blossom flower crown tutorial to make your very own in the comfort of your home!

3. Make something new. From candle-making classes in Atlanta to a project bar in mid-Missouri, there are tons of places popping up that live to spark your creative fire. If you and your best friend love bringing out the creativity in each other, head to a class or workshop to celebrate her day (and get a great souvenir in the process!).

4. Cook together. The best part about cooking together is getting to eat as you go. No matter if you’re master chefs making your own fresh pasta or beginner cooks learning to how to make sushi, spending time together in the kitchen is the perfect way to sneak in some quality time (and some red wine!) with your BFF.

5. Enjoy a wine, beer, or whiskey tasting. Depending on where you live and your drink preferences, there are bound to be fabulous craft beer, wine, or even whiskey tastings within arm’s reach. By going to the root of your booze of choice, you’ll get to learn something new while experiencing an adventure in celebration of your bestie’s special day.

6. Go on a day trip. Get outta town! Literally! Plan a road trip or simple day trip — from Chicago to Michigan, for instance — and make the most of the day together by taking a much-needed mini vacation.

7. Kick back at a spa. Sometimes, the best celebrations are the most relaxing. Even if you grab a simple mani-pedi on your lunch break, relaxing alongside your best friend is a surefire way to make her birthday a great one.

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