There’s no doubt that your birthday is your day. It’s a time to celebrate how amazing you are, how loved you are and how very special you are, whether you’re the kind of person who prefers an epic boat party, a reunion with friends (a la *NSync) or with an over-the-top gift that gets your S.O. arrested (wha? yep!). And although we’re each the center of attention on our particular day of the year, there are plenty of other people who also share that special day. But have you ever wondered just how many people were born on the same day as you? After all, out of the seven billion people on Earth, there are only 365 days to share. Check out the info below to find out just how special your special day really is.


Back in 2006, Harvard’s Amitabh Chandra took a look at the birth dates of US babies born between January 1, 1973, and December 31, 1999. The findings, that were published in The New York Times, found that July, August and September were the most popular baby-birthing months, and beyond that, all 10 of the top birthdays took place during September. Everyone is apparently getting super frisky during the winter and popping out lots of adorable autumn babies nine months later.

But while folks are busy making babies around the end of the year, that’s the least likely time for the little ones to arrive. In fact, Christmas Day and New Year’s are the days with the lowest birthday count.

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So where does your day lie on the birthday spectrum? Andy Kriebel of Viz Wiz took Amitabh’s data and compiled it into a snazzy infographic. Find your month and your day, follow where they meet on the chart and the corresponding shade will indicate the density of births.

Most Common Birthdays

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