Having a #girlsquad is awesome for all the reasons, but your absolute best friends are the ones who want to hang out with you any time, all the time. No. Matter. What. You can pretty much do anything and your BFFs will still want to be by your side — whether it’s Netflix bingeing on a Saturday night or spending an entire day hunting for the perfect summer slip dress — these are all the things that make the bestie relationship so special. And even when it’s not all fun, they’re with you through thick and thin and are always there in your neediest hour. Which is probably why there are certain things that you know you can only get away with around your best friend — things that would make your other friends crazy but don’t even phase your BFF. Keep reading for our top 10 reasons that we love our besties!

friends eating cupcakes

1. You text obsess. Who else could you spend hours crafting the *perfect* message with?! While other friends might not have the patience to discuss emoji choice at length, your best friend does it with a smile.

2. You pick up where you left off with no notice. Even if a conversation ended hours, days, or even years ago, you can always start talking about basically anything and instead of being confused or getting annoyed, your BFF would know exactly what you’re talking about — kind of like mind reading, but for people who’ve spent a lot of time together.

3. You eat ice cream for dinner. Or French fries, Doritos, or any other food that’s not exactly a whole, nutritious meal. The best part? You know you can do this around them without judgment, even if you complain about feeling full/queasy/bloated afterward.

4. You leave the bathroom door open. Because you’re on that level. Why stop a conversation just because you’ve got to go?

5. You want to talk about that ex. You know, the one that literally everyone else reflexively rolls their eyes at the mention of. Your BFF always has your back when you want to rehash the whole sitch even when you just want to vent about how things ended.

friends watching the sunset

6. You are brutally honest. Not everyone likes hearing the truth, but your best friend knows that if you tell them something that’s hard to hear, it’s always out of love. Whether you’re giving them a heads up that their outfit isn’t working today or that their new S.O. is being a jerk, you know you can say absolutely anything without fear of repercussions.

7. You ugly cry at your fave rom-com. Lots of people cry when they see sad movies, but renting The Notebook on iTunes expressly for the purpose of getting a really good cry in? That’s a BFF-only activity.

8. You pinch their style. From that super cute new top or the latest must-read novel, your BFF doesn’t mind when you recognize they bought something awesome and you want to grab one for yourself too. Whether it’s clothing or accessories, chances are they won’t even mind twinning sometimes.

9. You’re not always in the mood to chat. When you’re truly comfortable with someone, silence stops being awkward. Chilling on the couch with your bestie might mean non-stop convo, but it could also mean just enjoying being together in the same space with zero pressure to be “on.”

10. You admit to having no plans. You might prefer to play it cool with other friends when they ask you what you’re up to this weekend, but “LOL nothing” is a totally okay response when it comes to your BFF. Plus, if they’re in the same boat, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll end up meeting up to do nothing together.

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