Nothing says spring quite like cherry blossom. These gorgeous flowers, which only bloom a few weeks a year, are not only incredibly good looking, but they also represent love, femininity and hope. Since we want all of those symbols in our life year round, we put flower crown queen Roxy Taghavian to the task of making a paper cherry blossom crown to last through every season. Combining the flowers with gorgeous hairstyles and amazing attire from UNIQLO, we lived up to those words by capturing the feminine with looks we love.


We paired this flirty floral crown with four of our favorite tops from UNIQLO. We’ve always hit up UNIQLO for high-quality basics, but have been loving all their recent collabs with independent designers, artists and the like, especially in the SPRZ NY collection. Show us how you style UNIQLO items for spring by tagging @BritandCo on Instagram with the hashtag #WhereUniqlo!



– crepe paper

– fake stamens

– wood-wrapped wire

 – floral wire

– brown floral tape

– wire cutters

– scissors

– hot glue gun



First we made a blossom that shows off the flower in full bloom.


Cut out small pieces of crepe paper and stack five. Cut out your petals and then shape them by pressing the center of the petal with your thumb, being careful not to tear the paper. Pinch the bottom of the petal to create a little more curve.


Add hot glue to the bottom of a petal and add it to the stamen. Continue adding petals around the stamen. Each bloom should have five petals.

Small Blossom

Not all cherry blossoms are in bloom at the same time, so we added some smaller flowers to make our crown more realistic. This one is very similar to the large blossom, but there is no stamen.


Cut out smaller petals and shape them using your thumb.


Hot glue them around in a circle spacing the petals out evenly.


There are lots of buds on a cherry blossom branch, so we had to include these in the tutorial. Plus they are so beautiful on the crown!


Cut a piece of wire approximately four inches long. Fold it in half. Take two squares of crepe paper and roll one into a ball. Get a piece of tape ready to go.


Cover the curved edge of the wire with the ball of paper and wrap it with the other square. Secure it with floral tape. Remember that this tape gets sticky as you pull it.


Now you’re ready to construct your crown!


We found this awesome wood-wrapped wire, which is great for a crown. It looks like a branch, but it’s so much easier to work with. Cut enough wire to wrap around the crown of your head three times. Wind it together for a more organic look and then twist the ends around so they blend in.


Wrap the large blossoms around the wire. Conveniently, the stamen end is also made of wire. Since the small blossoms don’t have a stem, hot glue them to the crown. Wrap the buds around the crown as well. Then, to cover up any visible wire, you can wrap it with more floral tape.


We decided to go with a minimalist look by spacing out our blooms, but you could also cover the crown for a fuller look.


We added a few extra pieces of the wood-wrapped wire to make it more dimensional, and we just love how it turned out!


Best of all, this gorg crown goes with everything! We paired it with these stylin’ UNIQLO tops. Going clockwise from the top left: Light Orange Georgette Sleeveless Blouse; Sprz NY Tank Top (Ei Lissitzky); John Robshaw Short Sleeve T-Shirt; and Blue Georgette Short Sleeve Blouse.


What other Uniqlo clothes would you style with this crown? We’re curious to hear your ideas.

This post is a collaboration with Uniqlo.