Sometimes it feels like the best things came about in the 鈥90s: Boy Meets World, Full House, and every sugary snack worth consuming. This month, PV Donuts in Providence, Rhode Island is combining our two favorite things: 鈥90s classic flavors and DONUTS!

The donuts are topped with old-school snacks like Rice Krispie Treats and Fruity Pebbles. Just watching the video makes us want to sink our teeth into the Pop Rocks donut and taste the explosive, sugary deliciousness. Other flavors with a 鈥90s flair: Wild Berry Pop Tart, Cosmic Brownie, Nutter Butter, Hershey鈥檚 Chocolate Milk, and 鈥 wait for it 鈥 Dunkaroos!

No doubt, residents of Providence are lining up for their breakfast treats. A quick glimpse at the bakery鈥檚 Facebook timeline shows loads of rave reviews. While some visitors remarked on the inconvenience of the long lines, others say the donuts are well worth the wait!

New case vibes #pvdonuts 馃崺馃槏

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(h/t Delish; photo via Fox Broadcasting)