You’ve got a mover; your kid is on the go 24/7. And by default, you’re an active mom. Keeping up with your little leaper (and twirler, runner, skipper, strider… you get the point here) is infinitely easier when you feel strong and fit. If you’re all about getting your #fitmommy self on, check out these Instagrammers who inspire physical fitness… while working out with their kids.

1. @shakira.akabusi: Not only is she a pre- and postnatal fitness expert, but this Insta-mom shows that workouts don’t just happen at the gym (especially when the littles are tagging along). She works out outside, at the playground, and even with her cute kiddo cuddling up around her.

2. @totsnsquats: The name kind of says it all. Mom to three (including a set of twins), Kelly Kaprowski shows how to get your squats in while pregnant and parenting.

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3. @kerispilatesroom: This mommy of two shows us all that you don’t have to leave the kids with a sitter to get in a workout. Use that crazy kid energy to your advantage and do what this Pilates and yoga-loving mama does — get them in on the pose with you!

4. @sunnystrideup: Heather is a mom, blogger, teacher, coach, and (as the name implies) a runner. Not only does her Insta give us a peek into Heather’s running/training world, but it also shows us how she gets outside and active with her kids.

5. @balletbeautiful: Physical fitness doesn’t always equal hours of weights and cardio at the gym. Mary Helen Bowers, a ballerina and mom, shows a totally different side of getting active. Whether she’s outside whirling around with her children or inside and on pointe (and pregnant!), Bowers is awesomely inspirational.

6. @baby_fitgym: Mama to two, Kristy Ardo, started Baby Fit Gym when her son was a baby. Why? Well, because the two always worked out together. Years later her kiddos still get active with her, turning workouts into a family affair.

7. @mommyworkouts_: Magdalena Patterson is a yoga teacher who also makes workouts a family thing. She gives us a glimpse into her workout world, providing ideas for moms who are into yoga and want to incorporate those energetic little ones into the activity.

8. @aktivmamma: If you need help setting fitness goals, this mama is an inspiration. The super-strong mom clearly has no problems keeping up with her brood.

9. @bubs2bikinis: She’s got twins and a baby. Yep, Anna Strode is one busy mama. She’s also got a wildly successful IG account for a reason — this mom shows others that it’s entirely possible to get active, keep up with the kids, and feel as good as you look.

10. @coffeeandrainbows: Toni Bopp is getting her poses on, while her kids are in tow. If you need some me (or meditation) time, this Instagram account is worth following.

11. @denupzter: The next time you feel like you can’t keep up with the kids, take a look at this mama getting active (even when she was super pregnant!).

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(Featured photo via @shakira.akabusi)