Camping is fun. Like, serious fun. But you know what isn’t always fun? Sleeping on the hard ground. Sure, there are inflatable camping mattresses, but if you’ve ever slept on one, you know that most of the time you’re just rolling off of it, which leads to a restless night in the woods. And after a hard day of hiking followed by plans for another day of hardcore hiking… well, that just plain sucks.

But thanks to Utah-based startup Aesent and their inflatable mattress/tent currently campaigning on Kickstarter, you soon could be enjoying mama nature by day and sleeping restfully in her arms at night.

Aesent considers themselves lovers of the outdoors. And they want you to love them too. They believe that a night of rest shouldn’t get in the way of your affection for all those trees, mountains and meadows. So they’ve created a tent to solve that problem. The entire bottom of their tent is basically one wall-to-wall, giant, inflatable mattress. The six inch mattress inflates within two minutes and is made up of intertwined chambers to compartmentalize the air and create a supportive sleep surface. And that’s why they’ve decided to apply for a patent as well. Good idea, fellas.

If you’re worried about this being a lot like that blow-up mattress that you let your friends so lovingly sleep on when they crash at your place, stop worrying. No way is this thing deflating in the middle of the night. The material for the bottom of the mattress is an ultra-thick puncture-resistant vinyl, created to withstand rocks, sticks and other things that go bump in the night.

And since you’re not regulated to individual mattresses anymore, you can use a regular duvet and get cozy with your tent mate, if you know what we mean… and we think you do.

When you feel like getting adventurous and trying something other than car camping, you can still hike in with your Aesent. The mattress easily zips off of the tent, so you can have those nights of really roughing it when you need them.

With a pledge of $160, you can have your very own Aesent, aluminum poles, detachable rain fly and all. If you decide to wait until it goes to market, you’ll be paying a whole lot more, $290 to be exact. We think the pledge is the way to go.

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