The closest luxury to being at the beach is feeling like you are at the beach. And, no, we don’t mean taping a picture of the beach in your cubicle. We’re talking about actually feeling the real-time temperature, smells and sounds of the beach at home without even getting off the couch because, you know, there’s a re-run of The Mindy Project on.

The Air Globe is a super cool air purifier that collects the temperature, smells, sound and, err yes, the humidity of the climate of your choice then releases it into your home.

The Air Globe is designed to look like a half-raised globe allowing users to easily slide their hands around it. Select an area of the raised map, and the location’s name and weather status appear on the globe.

The machine was created by design student Pel-Chih Deng of Yanko Design as an entry for the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition. It was selected as one of three “People’s Choice” entries in Stage 2 of the competition. Public voting for stage three of the competition will begin on August 2014.

What destinations would you want to bring into your home with the Air Globe? Share your most-loved locales with us in the comments section