Everyone’s always so curious about how Hollywood stars get and stay in shape. We know that Jennifer Aniston sticks to a very strict diet to keep her body looking great, and while we are impressed with her willpower and ability to stay with such a clean eating regimen, it may not be the diet of choice for everyone.

That’s where Victoria’s Secret model and mom Alessandra Ambrosio comes in. In a recent interview with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, the Glamazon model talked about how and what she eats and her exercise routine. We’ll call it the Everything in Moderation INCLUDING Moderation diet.

While she’s known for her killer bod on the runway, in the interview, the model admits that she didn’t even start working out regularly until her first Victoria’s Secret show. Okay, lucky genetics. BUT she also explained that she likes to eat something different every day, and that a few times a week, she shares cupcakes with her daughter Anja. She also admitted that when she’s really working at a “diet,” things tend to slide into not-so-healthy territory which is partially because of her Brazilian background. Regularly traveling home, she indulges in pasta and bread based meals without worrying too much about it, knowing that once she’s back in LA, she’ll focus on salads, light fish and veggies. Moderation works!

Hearing more and more about how different celebrities tackle diet and exercise not only gives us a glimpse into their lives, but also reinforces the idea that we can all do whatever works for us in order to achieve whatever health and wellness goals we might have.

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(Photos via @alessandraambrosio / Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain)