Whether you’re a puppy parent or not, we can all agree that every dog has a different personality. Their daily to-dos and desires might be simpler than ours, but their taste levels definitely vary. Certain toys, foods, snacks and beds just don’t fit the bill. Maybe your pup’s mouth is too small to actually grab a tennis ball, or maybe they prefer being pampered to playing fetch. But there’s one thing that is pretty darn universal — our dogs unanimously choose wholesome snacks and food made with real chicken and salmon over ones that are made using corn, soy and wheat products. That’s why we were pumped to team up with Beyond Snacks to share all sorts of intel about what your dog really needs and wants. Before we get that list though, we thought we’d share the particularities of our puppies’ preferences through a very silly video. A coming-of-age tale of friendship, if you will. Prepare for cuteness overload.

Now that we’ve put a smile on your face, here’s our list of staples that puppy parents should keep on hand at all times. And it’s always a good idea to keep a few spares so that you can share with dog sitters and keep in the car, at your desk and so on.


1. This Totes Bespoke Upcycled Leash: I’ve personally been guilty of using the same basic black leash ever since we bought it at a gas station on a road trip with our pup, Turkey. But that ‘ish is lame, and your pup’s got style points he wants to show off! For this orange number, we turned a thick piece of rope into a leash. Just takes a little elbow grease. And if you can’t make your own, do a little Internet sleuthing and you can easily find a whole bunch of options made from recycled climbing ropes and recycled canvas.


2. Your Pup’s Favorite Snacks: In the world of dog treats, not all snacks are created equal. Luckily, some (really awesome!) snacks like Beyond All Natural Biscuits are made in small batches using real salmon or chicken as the #1 ingredient. And you can forget about artificial colors, flavors or preservatives — these bodacious bites are all natural. According to our resident pups, Brie and Turkey, both the All Natural Biscuits Salmon Oats Recipe and All Natural Biscuits Chicken and Barley Recipe are the bee’s knees. Turkey is visibly stoked that Purina sent us these treats :)


3. A Cushy Bed That’s Easy to Transport: If you love taking your dog on road trips or even to the office every day, then you definitely need a cushy bed that’s easy to transport. Your dog knows his smell and his stuff, so it’s best to keep a bed, blanket or cushion as a constant. We also recommend opting for a bed made using all natural and recycled products — the less chemicals, dyes and mystery materials, the better!


4. A Dog Bowl That’s Just the Right Size: This is particularly important when your dog’s got crazy long ears like little Turkey. When a bowl is way too big, his ears end up getting dunked in the water, which is cute at the time, but not ideal. You also want to make sure to choose a bowl that relates to how much food or water your pup should be eating or drinking. Bonus points if you go for an eco-friendly bowl like this one.


5. Dog Food That Boasts Natural Ingredients: Finally, you’ve gotta keep that pooch of yours fueled up. Like the snacks of the same name, Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food also boasts natural ingredients, including real chicken and salmon. Every batch is made using only healthy, nutritious and delicious ingredients and is crafted in US facilities.

This post is a collaboration with Purina Beyond All Natural Dog Snacks.

Author: Anjelika Temple
Photography: Chris Andre