Tech innovations that blend seamlessly into modern lifestyles really are our bread and butter here at Brit HQ. And since staying fit is part of our lives, we pay special attention to fitness technologies, too. From a cordless digital jump rope to an all-in-one fitness and media watch, we know good health gadgets when we see ‘em.

That’s why we’re so pumped to introduce you to our newest fitness find, Alpha. Alpha is a Kickstarter-funded gadget that is quite possibly the world’s first strapless, touchless heart rate monitor watch.

In layman’s terms, sporty and outdoorsy types no longer have to strap on that annoying, chest-constricting band to get a reliable heart rate reading during their workouts or activities. Or what about how frustrating it is when you go for a sip of water and the elliptical starts visually yelling at you because your hands aren’t in the right place for monitoring your heart rate?

So how does it work? Well, Alpha features a heart rate monitor in its watch strap that is EKG accurate that also reads and displays your heart rate continuously! Just check your wrist to see exactly what your heart rate is that moment. The tri-color LED can let you know at a glance if you need to ramp up, maintain, or lower your cardio intensity so you can stay “in the zone” even more. And yes, it will also tell the time.

And, of course, it works with your smartphone! The Alpha is connectable to Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or Ant+ so you can access even more interesting data like speed, distance, pace, and more. The Alpha is exceptionally easy to use – only two buttons give you complete control of this awesome watch. And it can be charged by an included USB dongle.

Heart rate monitoring is an important key to anyone’s workout or adventure whether you’re a pro or a beginner. It’s even a worthwhile focus for everyday use; keeping an eye on your heart health can lead to a longer and more fit life. So no matter what role fitness and exercise play in your lifestyle, Alpha will make a great addition.

Alpha is receiving funding for production through its Kickstarter page until August 9 so go check it out and lend your support!

Shoot us a comment below or weigh in on Twitter and Facebook and tell us how Alpha would fit into your lifestyle – we love to hear from you!