Amazon’s Alexa is life-changing: it can read you the news, control the temp in your house, keep track of your schedule, play music, and on and on. Pretty much the only thing missing from its many capabilities is a camera to help you track things visually. Until now, that is.

Meet the Echo Look. The Echo Look isn’t an ordinary camera. It’s actually designed to help you pick out an outfit — like a personal stylist. Smart AND fashion forward? Hi, best friend.

The gadget sits on your dresser and, like other Alexa devices, waits for the wake word “Alexa” before springing to life. Then you can ask it to take a picture and it will get started snapping glamor shots of you to help you figure out what to wear.

You can see the photos right on your phone, or even use your phone in combination with the Look as a kind of rearview mirror so you can see your back as you spin around. You can also compare styles using machine learning and current trends. Alexa will give you a percentage saying which outfit is better.

If you want to look back and keep tabs on your favorite getups, you can do that with the look-book feature (this is also useful for having your entire closet in your hands when you’re out and about shopping for new wardrobe pieces and can’t remember what you already own).

To those with concerns about privacy, now that you’ll have a camera watching you at all times, don’t fret; the Look has a pretty prominent “off” button, which will turn both the mic and the camera off. You could always unplug it when you aren’t using it though, just to make sure.

Currently the device is invite-only, and you can request your invite here.

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(Photos via Amazon)