2015 has been a big year in regards to body positivity. Women have been highly encouraged to celebrate their bodies IRL through hashtags like #InMySkinIWin and #beautifullylonesome, but there have also some big moves made my major brands like Christian Louboutin, Sports Illustrated and David鈥檚 Bridal. It seems like companies are finally getting the hint that the overly Photoshopped, super edited model is not who we want to see on the big billboards.


& Other Stories is one brand who seems like they totally get the hint. Back in August H&M鈥檚 sister brand released a campaign which featured two stunning transgender models. Now to show off their lingerie line they鈥檝e released a 鈥淔or Women, By Women鈥 campaign. Shot in Stockholm by female photographer Hedvig Jenning, the photos feature three ladies of various ethnicities looking totally natural.


In the photos you鈥檒l see blogger and yoga enthusiast Helin Honung, cellist and model Kelsey Lu McJunkins and copywriter Ida Jagerfelt. With armpit hair, tattoos, birthmarks and freckles on full display, the women all look totally stunning in the best way possible. Unlike what we saw at the Victoria鈥檚 Secret Fashion Show, these photos aren鈥檛 exactly aspirational but rather immediately relatable.


We鈥檙e not saying this campaign is perfect. All the models are still relatively slim and don鈥檛 seem to vary much in age but hey, it鈥檚 a step in the right direction. 2016, we have big hopes for you.

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(Photos via & Other Stories)