You know how some days you wake up just feelin’ yourself? Lena Dunham is encouraging you to share that feeling with the world. Dunham posted a pic of herself on Lenny Letter’s (her cool new newsletter) Instagram where she’s rocking a robe and matching undies. The pic (below), may seem like any old selfie, but it’s sparking a mini movement on the social network.

Lena explains that she took the pic using her phone’s timer and never intended to show it to anyone, but she felt so good whenever she looked at it that she had to share. She started encouraging people to post their own pics with the hashtag #beautifullylonesome. This body pos post is especially relevant since Lena herself recently took down a photo from her Instagram in response to body shamers. Her willingness to post a private pic showing her in a somewhat vulnerable state (what — all of your selfies aren’t trying to conjure the lonesome vibe?) all while encouraging her followers to join is really inspiring.

The response has been really cool so far. Lenny Letter posted a few of them and they all show girls by themselves looking fierce and vulnerable — not always our go-to sharing state. It’s really nice to see girls that look like the women we see and love in our every day lives get immortalized like this.

With all of these famous women taking major stands against body haters, we’re hoping for a big change in how women are portrayed in the media at large. Hopefully soon every girl will be able to pick up a magazine or watch a movie and see a girl that looks like her. And if this is any indication of how Lenny Letter will be bringing girls around the world together, we can’t wait for the real deal.

What pics make you feel beautiful? Show us in the comments!

(Photos via @lenadunham + @lennyletter + Rob Kim/Getty)