When most people think of aprons, the flowered print around their grandmother’s waist comes to mind. And in your mind’s eye, they’re splattered, faded and hopelessly out of date (however nostalgic). You may think, “I’ll never wear an apron like that.” Luckily you don’t have to, because there are so many sweet and stylish aprons to choose from nowadays. But don’t just take our word for it. Scroll on down and take a peek at these 16 alluring aprons yourself.

1. Marimekko Tilkkutakki Apron ($69): This bright patchwork pattern will be perfect for any party. No need to color coordinate — it’ll match with anything you wear.

2. Sunnuntai Apron ($39): “Sunnuntai” is Finnish for Sunday. And we think this is the perfect apron to wear while cooking your Sunday dinner.

3. Dearborne Ave. Denim Bistro Apron ($58): Tie this around your waist and there will be no questioning who holds the reins… er… spoons in the kitchen.

4. Merica Canvas Apron ($80): You definitely won’t have a need for pockets with this apron. It has THREE.

5. Icon Apron ($14): While clean white cotton aprons are invaluable, there’s no harm in putting a large heart on one. Snag this lovely one while it’s on sale.

6. Cross Linen Apron ($80): Here’s a nice simple design that will serve you well while you stir and mix and wash.

7. Shapes Kitchen Apron ($50): Looking for an apron that provides a splash of color? Picasso couldn’t have done better.


8. Mint Mini Bib Apron ($78): There is a certain way to pull off pastels, and aprons are certainly one of them.

9. Muilla Mailla Apron ($49): Those bright colors are just meant for stirring up summertime lemonade and dishing out ice cream.


10. Wheat Apron ($29): Purchasing one of these aprons will help feed 14 hungry families in the US. Now that’s a cause worth buying for.

11. Hedley and Bennett Apron ($90): Remember that time you ruined your outfit by trying to shake a partially open ketchup bottle? This apron won’t let it happen again.

12. Canvas Utility Apron ($38): These heavy duty aprons are perfect for making dinner as well as working in the garden. You’d better get two.

13. Thick Linen Chambray Apron ($46): The best thing about this apron? You can use it as a dish towel when you’ve finished cooking.

14. Condiment Pocket Butcher Apron ($40): You’ll be the cutest person at the barbecue in this apron. Not to mention the cleanest.

15. Shibori Magenta Bib Apron ($92): This beautiful apron could very easily become a DIY project, dont’cha think?

16. Marimekko Kuusikossa Apron ($69): If you’re hosting a Christmas party, you’ll definitely need this Christmas apron. You’re welcome.

Have you found yourself the perfect apron or are you still on the hunt? Tell us about it below!