Cooking up a serious feast next week? Then you’re going to need a stylish apron, or maybe three if you’ve got a few sous chefs in tow ;) For this simple tutorial, we’ll show you how to use oilcloth to create three totally different designs that pop, from polka dots to scallops to a pretty and prim collar. Read on to see how it’s done!

 – 3 white aprons

– 1 yard of oilcloth

– card stock (for creating templates)

 – hot glue gun

– scissors

– round objects to trace


1. Create templates by tracing bowls onto card stock (more details on patterns below).

2. Trace templates onto the back of your oilcloth.

3. Cut oilcloth.

4. Hot glue oilcloth onto apron.

First up, get those materials together. Oilcloth is a great material that kind of behaves like a hybrid of paper and fabric. It’s durable like fabric but easy to cut without dealing with frayed edges and what not like paper. And, like plastic, it wipes clean making it an easy addition to any apron. It is not, however, safe to put in a washing machine. These aprons are definitely hand-wash only.

Next up, get a few bowls to trace to create your templates.

This is what each of your embellishment pieces will look like – now let’s get to it!

We’ll start with scallops. To make a scalloped pattern, trace a small bowl (ramekin size) in half circles like you see in the picture above. Cut out the card stock, trace onto the back of your oilcloth, and cut out!

Lay out your layers to make sure you have enough, then it’s time start gluing. Start at the bottom and layer up. At the end, trim any excess oilcloth along the edge.

Pretty darn cute, don’t you think?

Next up, polka dots. Trace a small bottle onto the back of your oilcloth and cut out.

Create your pattern and cut more dots if you need to. Then simply hot glue them right onto your apron.

It’s downright dotty up in this kitchen!

We love how these also look like bubbles.

Last, we’ve got a very stylish collar. Use a large bowl to create a collar template like you see in the photo above. Trace onto the back of your oilcloth and cut out.

Glue onto your apron, and you’re done!

Not gonna lie, we kind of want to make a few collars like this for non-apron use ;)

Have you made or bought a creative apron recently? Will you be cooking this Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.