When you’re prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, there’s on thing every cook must have besides an arsenal of multi-tasking kitchen tools: and that’s an awesome apron! Not only do these smocks keep your fall duds so fresh and so clean, but they also show major personality, like these 16 saucy kitchen aprons fit for the colorful cook.

1. Cuisine Couture Apron ($32): We’ll kick things off with one of our favorites in the bunch: a classy color block apron. With a pleated, A-line skirt, it almost doubles as a dress…from the front at least!

2. Make Apron ($24): We love how a simple design can make such a bold statement. How can you not be inspired to make something super delicious in this apron?

3. Prim and Proper Apron ($40): Again, we totally thought that this apron was a dress upon first glance. Its adorable printed bow and polka dotted skirt make it a hostess with the mostess must-have.

4. Claudia Pearson Apron ($19): You know the saying, you eat with your eyes first? Well, this apron totally gets it. This seafood motif is playful and, we must say, pretty tasty looking.

5. My Kitchen is for Dancing Apron ($32): And you thought that butcher block was for chopping, huh? In reality, it—and the rest of the counters—make the best impromptu dance floors when you rock this apron!

6. That’s How I Roll Apron ($22): We’d never overlook a pun as good as this. We’re picking a few of these up for our baker friends immediately.

7. Räsymatto Apron ($45): This cheery apron is the perfect Sunday morning smock. Three shades of blue bring us anything but down.

8. Star Wars Apron ($22): Looks like we’ve got a meme in the kitchen! We’d love to get our hands on parenting 101 as penned by the Dark Lord if every page could be page as amusing as this apron.

9. Confetti Apron ($50): Our good friends at Scout & Whistle are the brains behind this colorful confetti apron. Its ‘round-the-waist design makes it a versatile accessory perfect for projects both in and out of the kitchen.

10. Apron Cooking Guides ($25): This is the ultimate apron for all aspiring chefs. Why reach for a cookbook when you can just grab the bottom of your apron? Every cooking basic from proper cook times to numeric conversions is printed upside down on this apron. Genius!

11. Operation Apron ($20): If a buzzer goes off while you’re wearing this amazing apron, one of two things is happening: either the turkey is ready or there’s a wacky doctor on the loose!

12. Doodle Apron ($15): Are you the kind of cook that creates delicious concoctions on the fly, but always forgets to write down how you made it? Then this is the apron that doubles as a doodle pad is definitely for you!

13. Breaking Bad Apron ($20): This apron gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Let’s cook.”

14. Black Stripe Apron ($36): Look nothing less than elegant while you cook in this black and white striped apron. The pop of color from the pale pink pocket makes it look even more luxe.

15. Proud To Lick Cake Bowls ($29): Say it loud, say it proud! We all know by now that frosting and cake dough taste just as good before it’s baked as it does after.

16. Muilla Muilla Apron ($49): This tropical apron should inspire you to get adventurous in the kitchen. We’re swooning over the bright lime and lavender color palette.

Do you ever toss on an apron before you cook? What about for special occasions like dinner parties or holidays? Or do you save it for summer grilling? Talk to us in the comments below!