It seems woodworking is finally having its day in the sun. From stop-motion videos to bow ties to Instagram takeovers, this ancient art form has always been useful. But now we’re seeing a trendy element not always associated with the art form. We love it, but we also have to admit it’s not always the easiest medium to work with. If you’ve ever tried your hand at woodwork you probably became very quickly aware of one definite thing about the material: it is not easily bent. That’s why these planters by the Art of Plants kind of blew our minds.

Jenny Wong-Stanley, the designer behind these masterpieces, has a background in industrial design, science and research. If anyone is going to bend the laws of physics for something pretty it’s going to be this gal.

At first glance, some of these pots seem to be missing a pretty crucial element for plants… a bottom! This isn’t a flaw in the design (did you actually think someone with a science and research background would forget how plants work!?); these are crafted especially for air plants. If you’re not already familiar, air plants are rootless, tropical American plants that absorb water and airborne or waterborne nutrients through their leaves. No base necesssary!

In addition to looking awesome, they’re also super easy to care for. In hot weather, thoroughly soak your air plant in a bowl of water for 15 to 30 minutes every three to four days, or spray until water drips off the plant every two days. In cooler weather simply spritz every other day. Make sure to shake off excess water after every watering to prevent rot.

They’re practically the perfect plants to pepper into your small space this fall and winter.

You can snag these pretty little things right over at the Brit + Co Shop. The plants range from $32 for the Walnut Mini Knot Planter to $200 for the Hanging Air Plant Ball. If you’ve been looking for a conversation piece, this is sure to get ’em talking.

What unique plants and planters do you have in your home? Share your green thumb tips with us below!