What once seemed like an idea only for the overly-enthusiastic, stylish carpenter is now a trend that we’re hoping will stick around for a long time. The wooden bow tie is a quirky, artisan take on a mens formalwear classic, and there’s so much you can do with it! With a plethora of wood, stain and fabric options there’s got to be at least one to suit your style!

1. Earl ($45): Two Guys Bow Ties has become the standard for wooden menswear. And it’s no wonder. These snazzy accessories are handcrafted with tremendous detail. This one is made from White Oak and the “knot” in the center is wrapped in herringbone, which would make a great complement to a herringbone suit.

2. Wood Bow Tie ($37): This tie is all California. A little more modern in its cut, this neck ornament is finished off with brushed aluminum for that old school industrial feel. It’s made from all reclaimed materials so it’s eco fashion at its finest.

3. DIY Wooden Bow Tie: It’s time to bust out the saw and sewing machine. This is the perfect gift if you want to go for something handmade that lasts a little longer than baked goods and is a little more fancy than a scarf. Have fun matching your wood stains and knot fabrics and your ties will be instant faves. (via The Merry Thought)

4. The Lord Alfred Hayes ($65): There are ways to make a statement without statement jewelry. One of them is this preppy little number. The wood is carved to match the waves in real fabric tie and its stained with colorful poppy stripes. This is a piece that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

5. Arrow Dark ($55): If you’re more a light suit guy, this one will really pop out from your lapels. Named for the form of an arrowhead and made from North American Walnut, this tie comes with options of different colored knots… which are actually wound twine. The neck strap is made of leather for ultra comfort.

6. Groovy ($26): Groovy, indeed! This bowtie resembles a cartoon mustache and has all the curves of your favorite retro print. Finished off with a vintage floral print for the knot, this one is as cute as a home decoration as a wardrobe one!

7. Mustache Wooden Laser Cut Bow Tie: If you find that a real handlebar ‘stache is a little extreme, this is a temporary alternative that’s also a wardrobe conversation starter. The light Alder Wood and the dark edges make it look like wearable Modern Art.

8. Bernard ($65): Here’s another keeper from Two Guys that we found rather classy. What the Earl has in quirk, the Bernard has in class. It’s carved from Shedua wood in a lovely medium brown that perfectly suits the grey knot in the middle. This one will snazz you (or your best man) up in no time.

9. Wooden Bow Tie and Cufflinks Set ($79): This neck fancy takes a “no knot” approach with just a single bending piece of wood. And to tie everything together (pun intended), there are cufflinks to match.

10. Bow Tie Necklace ($25): If you’re a lady who wants to get your own wooden bow tie but you’re not one for the tom boy look, try one hanging from a delicate chain! We love this more feminine take on a male classic so the girly girls can get in on the bow tie fun!

What’s your favorite style in the world of wood ties? We’d love to know down below!