As you probably know, we love makers. Jewelry makers, candle makers, candy makers — all of them! Our most recent obsession is with woodworkers. From earrings to tables to tech-cessories, woodworkers can build creative goods with a natural feel and modern shape. And let’s get real, gorgeous wood will never go out of style. To amp up our daily intake of woodworking inspiration, we chopped down the best woodworkers on Instagram for your following pleasure.

1. @arielealasko: Ariele Alasko works out of Brooklyn, NY. Much of the repurposed wood she uses is called plaster lath, which comes from the walls of old buildings in Brooklyn! Talk about old to new. P.S. Her pup Mazie is absolutely the cutest.

2. @katie_gong: As owner and founder of R-Design in San Francisco, Katie Gong creates beautiful furniture that really captures the unique, natural imperfections of the wood she’s working with. In addition to being a woodworker she’s a metalworker, printmaker and installation artist.

3. @rochell_cheri: If you’re looking for wooden objects for your home, Rochelle Cheri’s line at Primitive Reserve is a real winner. On Instagram you get to see her home goods in use on gorgeous tablescapes and with killer decor.

4. @benditaindomina: Bendita‘s geometric jewelry is a serious statement maker. She works with laser cutting to get clean, stark lines. Head on over to our shop to check more of her work!

5. @canadianwoodworks: Everyone loves a good chair, but this guy is creating some of the most stylish wooden chairs we’ve seen. Even when he crafts a vintage rocker, his shapes veer to the surreal.

6. @teslermendelovitch: These are some insanely innovative purses. What these people do with wood is really hard to believe.

7. @havokdesigns: Kristen Shearon is the owner of Havok Designs and she creates every single piece she sells. And she sells A LOT. From bow ties and cuff links to necklaces and pet tags, if you can dream it, she’s probably made it out of wood.

8. @never_idle: Chris Meritt is a woodworker extraordinaire who creates everything you need to set an idyllic dining table, including the table, natch.

9. @woodkeeps: This shop does it all when it comes to accessories, but some of our favorite work is in the jewelry section. She’s got chevrons for dayssss.

10. @aleksandrazee: San Francisco-based woodworker Aleksandra Zee creates everything from wall art to tables with re-purposed materials. Her rustic aesthetic veers on optical illusion as she uses wood to play with space.

11. @twoguysbowties: It really doesn’t get more dapper than this. These hand-crafted wooden bowties come right out of Oklahoma in endless styles and colors. We’re sure you can find one for any occasion.

12. @totemcolorblocks: From necklaces to wall hangings, Pamela pieces together blocks of color-dipped wood to create unique masterpieces. We love the simplicity and line work in her collection.

13. @newportswinger: Sean Newport uses wood to create mind-blowing sculptures. His work takes geometry to whole new depths and the result is this insane illusionary art.

14. @hankbyhenry: These chopsticks are not just any chopsticks. Each pair is handmade with sustainable practices and then handpainted with gorgeous detail. We love them so much that we sell Henry’s artisan chopsticks in our shop.

15. @minimeldesign: When you buy wooden jewelry, chances are that no two pieces are alike. That’s definitely the case with Emily Walley’s line Minimel. Not only is each piece hand cut, but it’s hand painted with unique shapes and lines.

16. @silviassong: She’s what’s called a wood potter. Silvia Song creates gorgeous tablewear and vases out of wood to create bulbous, smooth, natural shapes. She has us rethinking all of our ceramic dishes.

17. @acornandarcher: Designer Carolyn Burgess Sellers creates some truly unique jewelry out of everyday wood. Some of her pieces are tribal and others are sleek and modern. We love the exploration of color in her work.

18. @light_and_ink: Owner Lisa Holbrook Lewis is a woman of many talents and her wooden decor is just our style. She also creates prints with stumps that are inspiring our DIY-devoted brains right about now.

19. @_amy_grigg_: This lady takes wood pottery to a whole new level. She keeps it as natural as possible, sometimes even leaving the bark on her pieces. Wooden goods are all about taking it back to basics, and we think Amy nails it.

What woodmakers are you going to follow? Let us know your faves in the comments!