Art knows no bounds. A canvas can be anything ranging from, well, a literal canvas to a huge wall. One of our favorite mediums? Clothing. Many designers have chosen to display their own artwork (or imitations) on apparel, which is something we can always appreciate. Check out these 19 masterpieces inspired by art from all over the world!

1. ASOS Smock Dress ($27): Yearning to visit medieval churches in Europe? Channel their beautiful stained glass windows with this colorful smock dress.

2. Saturday Mini Skirt in Painted Floral ($85): We love everything from Kate Spade’s Saturday brand because of its bright and whimsical prints (and more affordable prices, of course). This painted floral fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

3. Saturday Dress in Blue Paint Spots ($190): This dress is aptly named Split Decision. We can’t decide whether we love this or the painted floral skirt more!

4. Marimekko Tasma Dress + Pants ($378 + $198): With abstract and digital art becoming more and more popular, this dress is definitely super trendy. As always, we think it’s awesome that the fabric’s crazy print channels ’90s fashion. Oh, and… there are pants too?! Get outta town.

5. The Weaver House Still Life Dress ($185): This beautiful still life-inspired dress just goes to show how talented Kelty and Hannah of the Weaver House are. Seriously. This is as artsy as it gets.

6. Saturday Shift Dress in Color Splash ($112): You know what ends up looking almost as awesome as the actual piece of art itself? Your paint palette. We adore this dress with all its bright colors and its fun splash design.

7. Sister Jane Monet Dress ($68): It’s all in the name. This dress imitates the strokes used in paintings by impressionist Claude Monet. Print aside, those elbow-length sleeves are pretty amazing.

8. Forever 21 Baroque Moment Trousers ($18): We already can’t get enough of the printed pants trend coming up this season. This intricate pattern is pretty characteristic of the ornate art of the Baroque period (think Versailles, but toned down).

9. Forever 21 Cherry Blossom Pants ($20): We weren’t lying when we said inspiration was drawn from all over the world! This Japanese-style fabric is absolutely perfect for spring wear.

10. Levi’s Watercolor Day Dress ($88): Remember when you were tiny and used way too much water with your watercolor set? We get the same feelin’ from this light and summery dress.

11. Dear Gladys Mondrian Dress ($189): Now that’s what we call art! This geometric dress is an awesome interpretation of Piet Mondrian’s famous work. It has a lot more color, which is something we never complain about.

12. ASOS Cracked Paint Print T-Shirt ($33): The closer you look at this tee, the cooler it gets. Who ever thought cracked paint could look so great?

13. Y.A.S. Bomber Jacket in Grid Print ($151): We won’t pretend to be experts, but we can definitely imagine seeing a piece like this in an art museum. What say you, friends?

14. Anthropologie Watercolor Chatty Tee ($48): We never get tired of T-shirts, especially when they’re wonderfully playful like these three.

15. Anthropologie Causeway Skirt ($98): After the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby last year, we’ve been seeing art deco-inspired prints popping up all over the place. They can get quite extravagant, so we appreciate the simplicity of this beautiful blue pencil skirt.

16. Nasty Gal Pop Culture Skirt ($30): Comic books are definitely art. There’s no doubt about it.

17. Karen Millen Graphic Print Dress ($250): Wowza! We could stare at this graphic dress all day.

18. Vintage Galeria Frida Kahlo Dress ($70): Do you have a passion for Frida’s artwork? Then this Etsy dress is the one for you, complete with little Fridas on the fabric itself.

19. Saturday Split Decision Dress ($190): Ahh, the Split Decision is back. Now we’re torn between three Saturday dresses. Yikes.

Which art-inspired look is your favorite? Drop us a line in the comments below!