Looking to go beyond the typical band and DJ entertainment at your upcoming nuptials? Or just want to ooh and aah at the creative, cool, and downright crazy things other folks have done? In this latest edition of Ask Brit, we answer the question: Do you have any ideas for non-traditional wedding entertainment?

The answer? Of course we do!

1. Teepee Photo Booth: Create a cozy hideaway for your photo booth. This could also be a great way to make a video guest book a little more interesting. (photo via Tyler Branch Photo)

2. Fire Breather: Is your love on fire? This probably wouldn鈥檛 be allowed in California or Colorado in the summertime, but it鈥檚 definitely an interesting idea for those who like things a little hot :) (photo via One Wed):

3. Caricaturist: This is such a fun idea for a daytime wedding, especially if you鈥檝e got a multi-day affair. Make sure you arm the caricaturist with a digital camera so you get a shot of every caricature he makes. (photo via Frosted Petticoat Blog)

4. Carnival Rides: Love rides? Like, a lot? If you have your wedding in a place near an amusement park, state fair, or the like, you can do a cocktail hour on ferris wheels, slides, and more. Or if you鈥檙e really going for it, you can rent actual rides for the whole wedding! (photo via A Wedding Story)

5. DJ Santa: That鈥檚 right. DJ Santa exists! Instead of going for the 鈥渃ool dude with piercings鈥 DJ, go for Jolly Old St. Nick! Great for holiday weddings or for a cheeky take on Christmas in July. (photo via The Man Registry)

6. Cornhole: Bring on the lawn games! For cocktail hour or your after party, set up a few sets of cornhole and create a bracket so people can bet on winners. (photo via Emmaline Bride)

7. Bouncy Castle: Perhaps a little dangerous for the gals in stilettos, we love the idea of bouncing around in our most formal attire. We can only imagine how awesome a big princess wedding dress would look in such a castle. (photo via I Do Photography)

8. Karaoke: Got a whole bunch of friends who love to sing? Add them to the entertainment roster by hiring a karaoke DJ. (photo via Razvan Photography)

9. Balloon Animals: Owen Wilson isn鈥檛 the only one who can wow the kiddos with balloon animals! Hire someone who can make balloon animals at the kids table, and don鈥檛 be surprised when the grownups want in as well. (photo via IGN)

10. Psychic: This is definitely on the crazy end of the spectrum 鈥 but we鈥檙e guessing that when psychics are hired for weddings they stick to the positive 鈥測ou will totally find love!鈥 stuff. (photo via Frosted Petticoat Blog)

11. Mariachi Band: Go for a festive mariachi band during cocktail hour, during dinner, or at the after party. We love the idea of a band that鈥檚 down to wander around through the wedding and serenade random guests. (photo via Ryan Estes)

12. On-Location Watercolor Artist: You can hire an artist to create a painting based on the scene at your wedding, at your actual wedding. Sure, they鈥檒l use a bit of creative license but it鈥檚 such a cool element to add to your special day. (photo via Wed Candy)

13. Ping Pong: The more games the merrier! If you鈥檝e got a full day of wedding festivities, add ping pong to the mix. Just don鈥檛 be surprised when it turns into beer pong for the late night partiers. (photo via One Wed)

14. Silent Disco: First off, if you don鈥檛 know what a silent disco is, here鈥檚 the scoop. Everyone wears headphones and listens to the same music, and has what appears to be a silent dance party. This could be a good solution if your venue has noise restrictions ;) (photo via Mark Carey Photography)

15. Trolley Transportation: Who says shuttles have to be boring? Cart your wedding guests around town in vintage trolleys! (photo via California Trolley)

16. Dessert Food Trucks: Food trucks are all the rage all over the country, so why not add your wedding to the venue list? This is also a great way to make sure you鈥檝e got sweets at your wedding but they don鈥檛 just melt on a dessert table. (photo via NPR)

17. DIY Photo Booth: Let鈥檚 be real, taking photos at weddings is kind of the best thing ever. Create a custom photo backdrop unique to your personality to make sure your friends and family get super silly for the camera. (photo via Brit + Co.)

18. Flip Cup: And last, the game that brings you back to your college days. Flip cup! (photo via Oh Lovely Day)

What kind of entertainment did you have at your wedding? Getting married soon and planning to use one of the ideas above? Talk to us in the comments below.