On Mother鈥檚 Day, we get to celebrate the special women in our lives who seem to have it all under control, the women who magically keep things moving both at home and at work, the women who keep us happy and fed and generally functional: our mamas. Ayesha Curry is one such superwoman. In addition to being wife to NBA superstar Stephen (better known as Steph) Curry and mother to two adorable daughters (Riley and Ryan), she鈥檚 a seriously budding personality in the food world. You may have seen her Food Network show Ayesha鈥檚 Home Kitchen, been totally drawn into her addictive Instagram feed, or fallen down the uber-delicious rabbit hole of the amazing recipes she posts on her site. As if that wasn鈥檛 enough, Ayesha also recently published a cookbook (The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well), launched a meal kit subscription box, and announced that her first restaurant will open later this year in San Francisco. Honestly, we need a nap just thinking about all of this.

To top it all off (yep, we鈥檙e still going), on May 14 (Mother鈥檚 Day, appropriately), Ayesha will launch Cheeky Baby 鈥 a line of reusable, high-quality plastic and silicone tableware for little ones 鈥 in collaboration with Cheeky. Think sippy cups, non-slip bowls, divided plates, silicone bibs, and more鈥 all in adorable, soft shades, and decorated with sweet animal characters. The best part? For every piece of the Cheeky Baby line purchased (exclusive to Target), one meal is donated to a child in need through No Kid Hungry.

Luckily for us, Ayesha took some time out of her clearly chaotic schedule to talk about life as a boss mom, as well as the new Cheeky Baby products. Read on to learn more!

Brit + Co: What are the keys to your entrepreneurial success?

Ayesha Curry: Not putting a ceiling on myself has really helped 鈥 and setting goals, but not dwelling on them if they don鈥檛 happen. For me, it hasn鈥檛 been about working for those goals. It鈥檚 just been about working. It鈥檚 about putting forth my best effort every single day, and seeing what God has in store for me, but not focusing in on any one thing. When you focus on one thing, you don鈥檛 realize all of the other blessings that are happening. I make sure that I put forth my best effort and am working really hard to make myself better in everything that I鈥檓 doing every single day. That鈥檚 been a big key. I鈥檝e also learned how to shake off the negatives that happen. The bad things have taught me to be resilient, so I can press forward and get better.

B+C: What lessons have you learned about how to shake things off? Has it gotten any easier to do that?

AC: No, it never gets easier. It鈥檚 really, really hard. I don鈥檛 want to sugarcoat things! When I get really stressed out or frustrated or something鈥檚 not going the way that I want it to and it feels like everything鈥檚 falling apart, I have to sit down, go on my Headspace app, and just breathe. Then, I鈥檒l literally take out a sheet of paper and write down all of the positives that are going on with whatever it is I have my foot in at the time. I think it鈥檚 really important to always put things in perspective and to physically write down the ways that you can solve the issue. That works for me. As women, we tend to get really, really worked up over what鈥檚 really big in the moment, but it usually ends up being a small deal.

B+C: How do you manage all of your entrepreneurial projects with being such an active mom to two little ones?

AC: The first thing is lots of coffee. Also, lots of wine. (laughs) I literally have to schedule myself down to the second. It gets frustrating at times, but that鈥檚 kind of how it works for me. I鈥檓 a visual person, so I have to take a pen and paper and do it. What I鈥檝e also learned is that it鈥檚 always quality over quantity. I suffer from chronic Mom Guilt, which I think a lot of people can relate to. As a mom, that never goes away. You鈥檙e always going to feel like you鈥檙e not good enough, you鈥檙e always going to feel like you鈥檙e not doing enough 鈥 but the truth is that you are. The important part for me has been to make sure that when I am with my girls, I鈥檓 disconnected and my phone is down and I鈥檓 spending quality time with them. I don鈥檛 try to work and play at the same time. It鈥檚 really about making sure that you divide the two and set aside the time for work, and then set aside the time to be a mom. You鈥檙e always going to have to worry and you鈥檙e always going to have guilt, but being able to separate your time and really focus on the kids fully and wholeheartedly is important.

B+C: In your nonstop schedule, how do you keep your priorities in check and stay ahead of your to-do list?

AC: This is repetitive, but I鈥檒l go back to making lists! Visually crossing things off really helps me. You鈥檙e most likely not going to finish everything that鈥檚 on that list. Seeing everything that I actually did accomplish gives me peace of mind, so I鈥檓 not harping on what I didn鈥檛 finish. I keep perspective, though. My kids are healthy, I was able to feed my family that day, and everything鈥檚 okay鈥 that makes me feel accomplished. Perspective is huge in my life. We鈥檙e all so blessed and we tend to look past all of the blessings and just look at the negative and what鈥檚 not right 鈥 instead of looking at what is right.

B+C: What is your favorite part about juggling your busy work life and family life?

AC: My favorite part about all of this is the adrenaline rush I get. When you really love what you do, the stressful times almost boost you up. Whether I鈥檓 in the kitchen developing recipes for the restaurant, or whether I鈥檓 at home or shooting [the show], I have these moments where the stress level is so high, and I feel like there鈥檚 not enough time to do anything that needs to get done. In those moments, my best self presents itself, because ultimately, I鈥檓 dealing with all of these hardships and stressors, and the fact that you鈥檙e able to get through and finish what you started is an accomplishment in itself. The high-stress moments and the adrenaline rush that comes with them is the best part of juggling everything and having a full plate.

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B+C: On the other hand, what do you find to be the biggest challenge that comes with the juggling act?

AC: It feels like there鈥檚 never enough time to sleep! When it is time to sleep, I always feel like I could be doing more. I try to make sure that I鈥檓 taking care of myself, even though I have two little (Riley and Ryan) and one big (husband Steph) human beings to take care of on top of myself. Plus, I have all of these other endeavors. It鈥檚 about making sure that I don鈥檛 forget about myself, and it鈥檚 about setting that time aside. It can be something as simple as taking your vitamins or drinking enough water or taking that time for yourself to just breathe or be.

B+C: When you do get that time for yourself, what鈥檚 your favorite way to spend it?

AC: I love to light a candle that smells really peaceful and run a bath. I鈥檒l pour a glass of red wine. I love to just sit in there and either read a magazine or just close my eyes. It鈥檚 my favorite thing to do. The funniest part about that, though, is that I think I spend more time running the bath than I actually do in it. (laughs) It鈥檚 a whole therapeutic process.

B+C: How has being a mom helped you become a better entrepreneur?

AC: I鈥檓 capable of multitasking and juggling several different things at once. After I had my first daughter, I thought to myself, 鈥淲hat was I doing with my time before?鈥 Having kids, I鈥檓 able to do more than I was before and still be a mom. That鈥檚 something that I think is so amazing about being a woman, in general. We have this ability to multitask and juggle and still manage to take care of the people around us. It鈥檚 a really beautiful thing.

B+C: What about vice versa 鈥 how has working on all of your endeavors made you a better mom?

AC: Being a mom has taught me a lot of patience, and to simply breathe. It鈥檚 helped me be a more calm, serene, responsible person.

B+C: One of the things people love about your blog and your show is the chance to see your family life in action. What鈥檚 it like being on the inside of that overlap between the professional and personal?

AC: Sometimes, it gets a little weird and intimidating. At the same time, my family is my whole existence. They鈥檙e the reason that I do everything, and they make me extremely happy. My family is why I started on this journey in the first place. When I had my first blog 鈥淟ittle Lights of Mine,鈥 it was there as a vessel for me to share all of the things that brought light and positivity and happiness into my life. Obviously, my family is the biggest part of that. My journey with food is the second half of it. Food and family go hand in hand. My whole mission is to keep the family meal and the camaraderie of simply gathering around the table and eating together alive. With social media, everyone鈥檚 always on their phones, trying to capture the moment. You spend so much time trying to capture the moment that you never actually live a moment, because you鈥檙e trying to create one instead of just being. My whole mission with food and sharing these parts of my family is to try to encourage people to keep that tradition alive. When you鈥檙e eating together and enjoying really good food, that鈥檚 where memories are made, and that鈥檚 where relationships are built.

B+C: What was the inspiration for your new product line Cheeky Baby?

AC: When I came on with Cheeky Baby, I was looking for stuff for my youngest daughter, Ryan, who was a baby at the time. I was looking for plates, forks, transitional cups, and all of that. Everything was either so ridiculously priced or really, really cheap and would break apart or spill everywhere. It just wasn鈥檛 functional. When [Cheeky and I] approached each other through our partner No Kid Hungry, I was like, 鈥淵es! Let鈥檚 do this!鈥 I signed on with Cheeky before Cheeky Baby was even born! The inspiration was finding the balance between being functional and aesthetically pleasing for the parents, but also super cute and fun for the baby. For me, a lot of stuff on the market is a little bit intimidating. I鈥檓 a big neutrals girl, and I don鈥檛 like anything that鈥檚 too bright and too loud. The product is such a happy medium because all of the colors are so serene. At the same time, every piece tells a story and there鈥檚 a character involved for kids to connect with. Ultimately, though, the fact that Cheeky Baby is a one-for-one company is what inspired me the most. For every piece you buy, a meal is donated through No Kid Hungry. Not only are you getting what you need for your children, but you鈥檙e also giving back to children in need鈥 and teaching your kids how to give back too.

B+C: What else should moms know about Cheeky Baby products?

AC: The line is available at Target, and the price point is so competitive with the other products there. I鈥檓 able to share this moment with all of my friends and family, because it鈥檚 just so affordable 鈥 but we鈥檙e not missing out on that quality. As a mom, the most important thing to me is that things are dishwasher-safe (laughs), so you can throw it in the dishwasher and you don鈥檛 have to worry about it.

B+C: How does mealtime in your house look with Cheeky Baby?

AC: Mealtime, for us, is chaotic. We鈥檙e trying to figure out the best thing possible to feed [the kids], but we also want it fast and easy. Mealtime is fun now because we use all of our Cheeky Baby stuff. We have drawers that sit low in the kitchen, and I put everything into those drawers. It empowers [Riley and Ryan], because I can say, 鈥淥kay, girls, it鈥檚 dinnertime. Go ahead and pick out which plates you want today.鈥 Usually, they鈥檒l fight over the plates, and it鈥檚 kind of adorable. But it empowers them because they鈥檙e able to make a choice and get excited about the meal they鈥檙e about to eat.

B+C: When you鈥檙e not organizing meals for your littles ones, what are your favorite foods?

AC: I love Asian-inspired cuisine. It鈥檚 what I grew up with. My mom鈥檚 Jamaican, and Jamaican and Caribbean cooking have a huge Asian influence, so I love the mixture of that. I also love good old fashioned Italian.

B+C: What don鈥檛 know people know about you that you think would surprise them?

AC: I think people wouldn鈥檛 know that I鈥檓 a very nervous, shy, introverted person. I鈥檓 comfortable around family members, but around anyone else, I generally keep to myself. Also, I play the bass guitar. (laughs)

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