If you鈥檙e entering that phase in your life when everyone seems to start having babies at the same time, chances are you鈥檙e gonna be hosting a baby shower or two before the year is out. After scoping out baby shower themes and baby shower mocktails, take a peek at these 13 essentials that will take your hosting game to the next level. If you鈥檙e a little afraid of playing hostess, read on and find all the things you need to make it easy as pie.

agate coasters

1. Agate Slice Coaster Kit ($39): If you鈥檙e hosting anything with beverages, you鈥檒l want to make sure your furniture is protected, and, of course, you won鈥檛 want to sacrifice style to do it. These beautiful agate coasters are an excellent way to shield your tables. Plus, you get to DIY them, since they鈥檒l arrive in kit form.

egg place cards

2. Acme Party Box Co. Chalkboard Egg Place Cards Set ($10): If there is dinner, there shall be place settings. With these place cards, you鈥檒l get to assign seats in the most adorable way. The best part is that they鈥檙e reusable, so you鈥檒l get endless mileage out of these little eggs.

burbon bacon popcorn

3. Liddabit Sweets Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn ($10): Sugar is practically essential when you get a group of ladies together. This sweet and salty mix will satisfy any sweet tooths in the bunch, as well as the salt-craving clan as well.

truffle kit

4. Grow and Make Chocolate Truffle Making Kit ($23): To really make it a special event for your baby shower guests, serve them handmade truffles complete with lots of chocolate and love. They鈥檒l taste as good as they look, we promise.

elephant balloon weight

5. Drop It Modern Elephant Balloon Weight ($7): Balloons are baby shower staples, so that means you鈥檒l have lots of 鈥檈m floating around. Make sure they don鈥檛 go flying away with this more-than-glam elephant balloon weight.

spring cookie kit

6. Acme Party Box Co. Spring Milk + Cookies Gift Set ($19): This cool kit has everything you need to make super sweet (literally and figuratively) spring-themed cookies that will be the cherry on top of your epic hostessing. Bunny-shaped cookies: Please and thank you!

blush garland

7. Drop It Modern Blush Tassel Garland ($32): These colors are about as sweet as your soon-to-be new mom (or dad!) friend is. String 鈥檈m up for a little bit of a special touch if you鈥檙e hosting at home.

chai kit

8. Grow and Make Caffeinated Chai Tea Kit ($29): Since pregnant women can鈥檛 drink, consider taking your shower in a chai-fuelled direction instead. This kit has everything you need to make your very own brew that will bring warmth and caffeine to the hearts of all of your guests.

party headband

9. Bando Party Time! Girl Talk Headband ($15): Baby showers are definitely a time to celebrate and certainly a time to party. Hand them out at the door (or even beforehand with the invites!), and let the good times roll right from the very beginning.

tuxedo confetti

10. The Flair Exchange Confetti ($5): It鈥檚 hard to think of a better reason to bust out confetti than the celebration of someone special in your life giving birth鈥 probably because there might not be one. The black and gold hues of this confetti make it much more grown up and chic than the traditional stuff.

love balloon

11. Drop It Modern Massive Love Balloon ($20): Love is really what it鈥檚 all about. Whoever you鈥檙e throwing the party for is probably someone you love a lot, so showcase it at the shower with this huge love balloon.

record player

12. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turn Table in Chalkboard ($99): Any party has got to have tunes, and there鈥檚 nothing more fun to play them on than this portable record player that鈥檚 coated in chalkboard paint. Scribble a cute note to the lady of the hour on the cover for added love.

watercolor cake kit

13. Sprinkle Bakes Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): This kit delivers in a big way 鈥 it鈥檚 got everything you need to make these pretty cakes on your very own. Try using just pink and blue to really play up the baby theme, especially if the gender is gonna be a surprise.

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