Sure, your bestie can’t drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean her baby shower drinks have to be basic and boring. In fact, whether you’re seeking sweet pink and blue sips or just a hack for her favorite mimosa, these 20 mocktails are so delish, no one will even miss the real deal. Mix together a batch (or two, or three), and then let the cake munching and present opening begin.


1. Sherbet Church Punch: A classic that can be found at everything from holiday parties to church socials, sherbet punch is an oldie but goodie. Serve it at your friend’s shower as a fruity, fizzy treat. (via The Chic Site)

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2. Preggy Punch: We can’t decide what we love most about this whimsical, carnival-esque drink: the goofy name, jelly bean toss-ins or sweet cotton candy topper. One thing we do know: We totally want one. (via A Spicy Perspective)

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3. Ombre Grapefruit Mocktail: From wedding dresses to hairstyles, we’re crazy about all things ombre. Carry the fun over to your pal’s shower by serving this grapefruit concoction in sugar-rimmed flutes. (via Handmade Mood)

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4. “Under the Sea” Punch: Take a dive beneath the sea with refreshing blue raspberry lemonade punch that’s equally perfect for a baby shower or kid’s birthday bash. (via Food Family + Finds)

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5. M&M + Cookie Dough Milkshake: While boozy milkshakes will always hold a special place in our 21-and-older hearts, this non-alcoholic masterpiece tastes just as deliciously indulgent. (via PopSugar)

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6. Lemon-Lime Blue Slushie: Who says slushies are only for kids? This lemon-lime delight is sure to hit the spot (and make your tongue blue) at any summer shower, no 7-Eleven Slurpee run required. (via Baked by Rachel)

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7. Frozen Strawberry Milk Slushie: Give your childhood fave a fun, frozen twist with this two-step, five-minute recipe. (via Picky Palate)

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8. Shirley Temple: Pretty, pink and totally classic, the Shirley Temple gets even sweeter in a Pop Rocks-rimmed glass. (via Parenting)

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9. Sparkling Peach Punch: Not digging the idea of pink or blue sips? Sparkling peach punch is a fun and festive choice. (via The Kitchn)

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10. Cucumber + Mint Limeade: Even if you can’t exactly celebrate in the tropics, you can still get your friends in a beachy state-of-mind with some mojito-inspired limeade. (via So, Let’s Hang Out)

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11. Virgin Strawberry Orange Mimosa: Is the mommy-to-be missing her go-to Sunday mimosa? This non-alcoholic take is a great choice for baby shower brunching. (via Blackberry Farm)

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12.  Piña Colada Float: If you like piña coladas, we know you’ll just love this frothy float featuring homemade pineapple sherbet. (via Cooking Classy)

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13. Cranberry Cutie Mocktail: Clementine “cutie” orange slices take this blush mocktail from already awesome to absolutely adorbs. (via This Week for Dinner)

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14. Iced Chocolate: With an icy concoction this irresistible, we think hot chocolate had better watch its back. (via Taste and Tell)

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15. Virgin Grapefruit Mojito: Whether you serve it alone or paired with the cucumber and mint limeade featured above, this virgin mojito will bring tons of island flair right to your own backyard. (via HGTV)

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16. Spiced Cider Punch: Step aside, hot cider. This chilled variation is just as tasty, plus super easy to serve in glass jars or shower-appropriate baby bottles. (via Taste and Tell)

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17. Little Star Mocktail: This pineapple, grapefruit and coconut mocktail is just right for welcoming your family’s newest little star. (via Parents)

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18. Blackberry Lemon Mocktail: Standard lemonade gets a spiffy makeover with the addition of seltzer and juicy, delicious blackberries. (via Running to the Kitchen)

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19. Strawberry Rosewater Fizz: Fresh strawberries, rosewater and cute mason jar glasses make for a sweet, one-of-a-kind treat. (via Kitchenette)

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20. Watermelon Basil Soda Pop: Running behind on party prep? This watermelon soda requires just four ingredients and is ready to go in 15 minutes. We’ll definitely drink to that. (via The Scrumptious Pumpkin)

What’s your favorite baby shower mocktail? Spill your thoughts below.