We’ve been dreaming of stars and stripes for a while now, thinking of fun ways to bring the flaginto our food, and pondering the perfect, on-theme recipes for our 4th of July celebrations. Today, we’re bringing you 12 ways to bring the bright fun of a firework into your party decor, without the dangers of actually bringing fireworks into your party. (We recommend saving those for the professionals!)

1. Light-up Ice Cubes ($9): Get even your drinks to join the party with these light-up red, white, and blue ice cubes.

2. Patriotic Wreath ($49): Greet your guests at the door with this elegant and patriotic wreath, complete with LEDs to make a truly bright statement. Use it year round by taking a cue from our Wreath for All Seasons article.

3. Flameless Color-changing Candle ($30): This color-changing candle (you guessed it, red, white, and blue!) is a great way to lend light to a table without worrying about a flame… Bonus: It plays the national anthem!

4. Patriotic Cup ($15): Take your patriotism on-the-go with this light-up fireworks cup.

5. Solar Rope Light ($36): These lights can charge during the day and then light up your party into the night. And yes, with the included hardware you can hang them just about anywhere.

6. Star Light Set ($10): These cute stars are a great way to decorate an outdoor space in a simple yet festive manner.

7. LED Balloons: We absolutely love experimenting with fun and funky ways to decorate for parties… Some red, white, and blue balloons hacked with this LED DIY are great for a little holiday dance party.

8. Starburst Strobe: This raving centerpiece is a great way to re-use holiday decorations… just use 4th of July appropriate colors, and get ready to party!

9. Floating Light Stars ($4): This pretty way to light up your night is a safe alternative to candles for all-night festivities.

10. Laserpod ($100): Think indoor fireworks display meets laser show meets awesome. This techno-gadget is the ultimate way to geekily light up your space.

11. Firefly Jar ($15): One of the best things about summer as a kid was catching fireflies. This electronic version is a great way to harken back to your younger days without the whole bug-in-a-jar thing.

12. Handheld Fireworks Projector ($14): Launch fireworks without the hazards with this handheld projector. Suitable for kids and adults, you can get all the fun of fireworks without the fuss.

Got your decor all set but looking to up the style ante a little bit? We couldn’t resist showing you these zany, Independence Day wearables:

1. Shutter Shades ($4): We think that these just might be the definition of “stunna shades.”

2. Sequin Bow Tie ($3): We’re super into unique bow ties, but we’re thinking you’ve got to have some serious swagger to pull this number off.

3. T-Shirt ($21): Wear your national pride on your shirt… complete with flashing lights.

4. Glow Glove ($7): Michael Jackson takes over the 4th of July…This is clearly a must if you’re planning on doing any “Thriller” dancing.

5. iPhone Controlled Light-Up Suit: Really trying to go all out? Take a page from this guy’s book and make an LED suit you can control with your iPhone.

6. Mohawk ($7): Light-up. Patriotic. Mohawk. Need we say any more?

Which of these firework-inspired pieces of decor are going to light up your party? Are you daring enough to rock a wearable piece of sparkler-esque fashion? Let us know in the comments (and if you do wear the bow tie, be sure to tweet us a pic).