Summer is definitely well underway and we are seeing temps rise quickly. To keep cool this weekend and fight the heat index, we are just planning on kicking back with some *seriously* cooling cocktails. There are tons of amazing cocktail recipes, such as delicious daiquiri cocktails and extraordinary mojito cocktails to choose from, but if you are a little more picky and want a mix of bubbles and fruit, then palomas are the boozy drink for you. Whether you stay classic with tequila or mix it up with some bourbon or gin, you need to check out these 15 unique paloma cocktails that are perfect for sipping on at your pool party.


1. Frozen Paloma: Step up your paloma game by turning this classic cocktail into an icy slush. It’s perfect for an afternoon by the pool or your next backyard barbeque. (via In It 4 the Long Run)


2. Mango Paloma Cocktail: Mango is the fruit of the summer, so why not put it in your favorite cocktail? Pull out this stone fruit and a little grapefruit to create this zesty and colorful drink. (via Summerfield Delight)


3. Blood Orange Bourbon Paloma: Bourbon lovers, this one’s for you! Give your paloma a little boost with a touch of bourbon and some blood orange for a citrusy touch. (via Girl in the Little Red Kitchen)


4. Spicy Paloma: Beat the summer heat by adding just a little more heat to this drink. Top this classic cocktail off with a jalapeño for a *lot* of flavor with just one tiny pepper. (via Alice and Lois)


5. Sauvignon Blanc Paloma: Wine lovers REJOICE. We have found you a cocktail that boasts the amazing flavor of white wine with the sweet-and-bitter bite of grapefruit. (via This Mama Cooks)


6. Pineapple Palomas: Wishing you were sitting on a tropical island? Well, now you can drink like you are! These delicious sips are sure to have you feeling the ocean breeze. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)


7. Grapefruit & Tequila Paloma Ice Pops: Cocktail pops are popping up everywhere, but this recipe is sure to stand out. Topped off with a little salt and lime, this treat will easily become your summertime go-to. (via Sweet Paul)


8. Blood Orange Thyme Paloma Cocktail: Herbs in a cocktail are always a good idea. Add a savory side to your robust drink by adding some thyme and salting the rim of your highball glass. Trust us, you won’t be able to resist this drink. (via Salt and Wind)


9. Paloma Mimosas: Sunday would not be complete without this cocktail. As much as we love the classic mimosa, this drink brings a whole new side to brunch. Whip it up to leave your BFFs asking for another glass (and the recipe, of course). (via Crumb Kitchen)


10. Hibiscus Paloma: Floral flavors? Yes, please! This tart recipe creates a seriously delicious drink that has amazing aromas and gorgeous colors. (via Honey and Birch)


11. Strawberry Chamomile Paloma: Tea-infused cocktails aren’t everyone’s favorite cuppa, but this one won’t disappoint. Grab your shopping bag and head to your local market to find the fresh ingredients that make up this lovely libation. (via Half Baked Harvest)


12. Honey Paloma: Talk about a seriously yummy and sweet sip. This recipe switches simple syrup for honey to give a little extra flavor to a drink that you will want to savor every single day. (via The Little Epicurean)


13. Sparkling Rosemary Paloma: Rosemary cocktails are a serious game-changer. This yummy cocktail only takes 12-minutes to make and is perfect for your next girl’s night in. (via Style Me Pretty)


14. Spicy Raspberry Paloma: It’s time to spice things up. Mix together this bright and colorful drink for the perfect summer sip. Pro Tip: Make a full pitcher, then bring it to your next beach day for you and your gals. (via Heather Christo)


15. Classic Paloma: We couldn’t leave out the drink that started it all. This amazing concoction is one that should be in everyone’s cocktail armory. It should probably even be the star, we think. (via BS in the Kitchen)

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