Picture this: Your best friend and her partner in crime are getting hitched, and it’s time to celebrate! Before you dive into your not-so-secret Pinterest board for all the wedding planning, there’s a bachelorette party to think about. If the bride-to-be is more of the yogi type, there’s no need to recreate scenes from The Hangover to have a memorable time. Grab your mat and route the party to one of these 16 yoga festivals and wellness retreats. These health- and fitness-centric party ideas are the perfect bonding experience that will have the entire bridal party saying ohm and ahhh all weekend long. And seriously, do we really have to convince anyone that a weekend of pampering and stretching would be nice?


1. Groove Yoga Festival: This six-day event combines the vibrant programming of a festival with the chilled-out atmosphere of a retreat. Between the yoga classes, the concerts and the beach parties, you and your #squad will have the time of your lives.


2. Vana Wellness Retreat: Close your eyes and imagine beautiful architecture, forests and mango orchards surrounding you for a few days. This sanctuary is the ideal retreat for the bride-to-be yogi. Add some delicious cuisine and you have yourself the ideal location for a relaxing bachelorette weekend.


3. Evolve Yoga Festival: Though this festival is a bit farther than your typical bachelorette party (hello, Melbourne!), we promise it’s totally worth it. The bride-to-be will have the option to choose from a variety of sessions throughout the day while keeping her best gals by her side.


4. Talise Spa: Get your namaste on at the most tranquil waterways and tropical landscapes with Talise Spa. This beach-based spot has classes during the day and night — for those of you who aren’t morning people. Plus, you can also achieve true inner peace on a full moon night. We can’t think of anything more relaxing!


5. Yogaworks Retreats at Amansala Grande: There’s no question that this internationally recognized retreat is a must-add on our list! Located in Tulum, Mexico, this retreat will lead your crew through an extraordinarily tranquil and uplifting journey. Feel free to relax at the beach after your morning session and soak up some sun too.


6. BaliSpirit Festival: This yoga festival will awaken and nourish every inch of you and your gals’ inner positivity. You’ll find lots of yoga, dance and fun music in this three-day-long festival. Plus, this BaliSpirit donates a percentage of their profits to local charities. Sign us up!

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7. Wanderlust: If you and your crew are ready to join a remarkable and super fun group of yoga and meditation instructors, musicians and speakers for a transformational experience, this is the place for you. Not only will you dance your heart out, but you will totally bond over this new adventure.


8. Lumeria Maui: Each day will be a new adventure for you and your posse at vibrant Lumeria Maui. With their daily dose of meditation, yoga and movement mixed with Hawaiian heritage, your ladies’ minds and bodies will be captivated and ultra-happy the entire weekend. Aloha!


9. Aman Resorts: Whether your friends are seasoned yogis or total newbies just buying their first yoga mat, this is the place to help you relax and unwind. You’ll love the thermal springs that will provide you with total serenity. Namaste.


10. Paresa Resorts: Get in downward dog and move through a vinyasa with ease at the refreshing Paresa Resorts. You’ll feel the outside world fade away and time stand still as you recharge your energy and restore balance for days to come.


11. W Hotels Fit: Grab your most colorful leggings and join yoga master Tara Stiles as she continues to revolutionize workouts for the yogi jet setter. Your bride-to-be BFF will thank you for keeping her in shape with these workouts, which are designed around this fitness guru’s lifestyle.


12. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa: Whether you and your clique are yoga-lovin’ ladies or are just looking for a place to relax, you will fall in love with this resort and spa. It will delight any yogi, from novices to enlightened pros, so everyone in your party can have fun.


13. Kamalaya Koh Samui: Don’t be intimidated by the name. Kamalaya’s personal yoga synergy offers private yoga sessions so you and your crew can enjoy each other’s company with totally customized instructions from the pros. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

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14. The Resort at Pedregal: Health and wellness meets beauty at this Cabo San Lucas resort. Start off with yummy cocktails with the girls or plan a fun two-mile run along the beach. No matter your style, the scenic backdrop will make it hard to leave.


15. The Esalen Hot Springs: As a place of stunning beauty, an awe-inspiring respite for mind and body, and a great equalizer, the hot springs at The Esalen will guide you into a deep bond with your girls. The warmth and familiar strangeness will also feel like total bliss.


16. The BodyHoliday LeSport: This spot has its name for a reason. Take your body on a holiday break at the amazing St. Lucia resort experience that combines one of the world’s most beautiful islands, an all-inclusive resort full of luxury and a wellness center. It will leave you and your gals feeling oh-so alive.

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