Ah, back to school: the sweet smell of academia and community bathrooms… beautiful. Starting college can be as anxiety-inducing as it is exciting (we’ve been there), but it’s also all about new beginnings and independence. Whether there’s a college freshman in your life or that college freshman is YOU, we’ve compiled a list of total must-have dorm-warming gifts that will guarantee the transition is as painless as possible. Pinky promise.

1. MacBook Sleeve – Painted Protea by Micklyn ($60): Prolong the summer vibes as long as possible with this gorgeous MacBook sleeve.

2. Bull Dog Mug ($16): Pets in dorms are a major no-no, but sipping from this adorable mug can take the edge off of missing Fido back home.

3. Esperos Classic Backpack ($75): Every student needs a sturdy, trusty backpack for the new year. Snag this one in six available colors.

4. I Am Very Busy Pouch ($12): Hey, busy girls! This pouch is perfect for pencils, makeup, keys, spare change and so much more.

5. Wes Anderson Collection Volume 1 Tee ($55): Gift this Clashist tee to the college-bound film major in your life.

6. Geometric Pillow Cover – 16×16 ($40): Personal touches like this geo pillow instantly make a dorm SO cozy.

7. Y’all Gonna Notebook ($12): Note-taking is very serious business, but this notebook also makes it super fun!

8. Poketo Color Block Pen ($5): What better to take notes with than with these color block pens? Aesthetics on POINT.

9. Home Sweet Home Wall Banner ($25): Make a dorm into a home with this wall art banner.

10. Bheard Sound Pod ($29): Lightweight and portable, this amplifying sound pod is the perfect party buddy.

11. But First, Coffee Thermal Mug ($14): Need we say more?

12. Colorful Confetti Dots Wall Decal ($50): Kiss those bare dorm walls goodbye with way-cute wall decals.

13. Metal Twig Jewelry Holder ($29): Dorms are small spaces, so it’s important to stay organized. This jewelry holder is the perfect dresser-top solution!

14. Twilight Cotton Hamper ($30): A pretty hamper is the perfect camouflage for dirty clothes.

15. Hot Mama Chili Pepper Lights ($17): Spice up a dorm with these mega fun chili pepper lights.

What’s your favorite thing about back to school season? Share with us in the comments!