Out of all the rooms to remodel, the kitchen has got to be the most intimidating. Built-in cupboards, spendy appliances, and big giant counter tops… yikes. No thanks. See ya never. Well, get this. We’re giving you an entire kitchen makeover by just doing one thing – presenting you with loads of inspiration to do your own epic backsplash. This is life changing stuff here, people.

1. Waterworks Tile: If you’re familiar with Waterworks, you know that everything they sell is 100 percent fabulous. Here are some of their Aladin tiles being use as a bar backsplash… suddenly we’re dying for a martini. (via Good Bones, Great Pieces)

2. Stainless Steel: When you think of a stainless steel backsplash, visions of hair-netted lunch ladies wearing yellow rubber gloves in your high school’s industrial kitchen probably come to mind. But cut that sleek stuff into squares and the effect is totally different and totally lunch-lady-vision free. (via HGTV)

3. Marble Slab: How do you spell stunner? Apparently it’s S-L-A-B. (via Saavy Home)

4. Zig Zags: If we didn’t know better, we’d swear to god that Missoni designed this baby. (via Jute)

5. La Fleur: It’s a geometric, floral, modern mashup, and we can’t get enough of it. (via Walker Zanger)

6. Beaded Board: Snow White would have been all about this cottage vibe. Just apply beaded board to your wall, paint a fairy-tale like color, add a coat of waterproof sealant, and let those dwarfs go crazy. (via BHG)

7. Subway Tile: It’s all the rage right now for a reason. The stuff is beautiful in a totally unassuming way. And we’re totally loving the dark grout. It makes each tile really pop. (via Chevrons and Eclairs)

8. Turquoise Tile: If you’ve got a beach house… can we come? We’ll help you add a splash of color to your kitchen with turquoise tile… right after we spend the day sunning ourselves on the beach, of course (via House Beautiful)

9. Heath Tile: There’s hardly a ceramics company out there that we crush on harder than Heath. If you can make it to their factory store in Sausalito, CA, you can have their finery for up to 75 percent off. Oh, and yes. This is Mr. and Mrs. Big’s apartment from Sex and The City 2. And their bold blue backsplash is living large too. (via A Designer + A Contractor)

10. Arctic White: The two-toned tiles, according to the designer, are arranged in a way to mimic melting butter. See it? Yeah, we don’t either. But we still like it very much. (via Dwell)

11. Green Backsplash: Alfonso Cuaron would undoubtedly be down with the green hues in this kitchen. Real reasons to rock viridescent in the kitchen? It represents health, so maybe, just maybe we’d think twice about eating our fourth cookies… but… nah. (via BHG)

12. Creative Collage: We’re not going to lie. Tiles can get expensive. But you just have to have them! Solution: Go to the flea market and thrift store, find odds and ends, and create a collage. (via House to Home)

13. Fence Board: If you’re the rustic type, you ought to be jumping on this tutorial ASAP. (via Marty’s Musings)

14. Vinyl Decals: That’s right. This looks like expensive tile, but it’s really vinyl decals and something you can totally tackle yourself. (via Apartment Therapy)

15. Chalkboard: There are lots of reasons we like a chalkboard backsplash. You can redecorate every month, (polka dots for March, chevron in August), and you can write your grocery list right there! Genius! (via Room Decorating Ideas)

16. Mirror: Who’s the fairest home cook of them all? You are, beautiful. (via Mimosa Lane)

17. Recessed Shelving: No matter how many cupboards, shelves, and drawers you have in your kitchen, there’s never enough storage space. Put that backsplash to work! (via Marianne Evennou)

18. Stones: Get ready to roll your eyes and groan: This backsplash rocks. (Seriously, someone stop us.) (via Dick Oatts)

19. Stark Contrast: Ugh. Too beautiful. Cannot look. (via Decor Dots)

20. Ombre: Please direct your attention past the couch and into the kitchen. That is an ombre backsplash. And it is fabulous. (via Aiya’s Studio)

21. Climbers: Cue Stairway to Heaven, ‘cause that’s where this baby is taking us. (via Feng Shui Trend)

22. Brick: If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick in you kitchen, please do aboslutely nothing to it. (via HGTV Remodels)

23. Back in Black: While this noir look isn’t for everyone, we do think when paired with pink, it’s pretty perfect. (via Dwell)

24. Geometric: Brit + Co. approved all around. (via Cre8tive Compass Magazine)

25. Bright Yellow: We have a feeling that mornings in this house start off with “Hello, sunshine. So glad to see you again.” (via Jolie Home Design)

Big on one of these backsplashes? Let us know in the comments below!