We get it. You moved into a rental and the appliances you inherited from the past three tenants are not quite the stainless steal stunners you were hoping for. If you’re not up for putting down the money for really super duper fab appliances that are really super duper expensive, we hear you. But there’s no reason to live with a fugly fridge or a dismal dishwasher. We’ve got the fix with DIY ways to take those unbecoming appliances from eww to new.

1. Bright Paint Job: Before you go getting all excited, the Smeg pictured here is actually pretty spendy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take note and give your not-so-fancy fridge the same treatment. (via House to Home)

2. Enamel Paint: Dealing with a dated kitchen disaster filled with dark cabinet and brown appliances? Grab some paint and make what was once drab totally fab for under $30. (via Sunset)

3. The Distraction Method: Updating ovens and stoves is hard. Mainly because of the intense heat factor. The best solution we found? Take the attention away from the plain white run-of-the-mill oven by placing it in a brightly painted room. The stark contrast actually makes the plain piece of machinery look pretty and modern. (via Loud and Clear)

4. Washi and Dryer: A DIY revamp without a washi mention? You know that ain’t going to happen at Brit + Co. We’ve featured this genius hack a couple of times in the past, and for good reason. It’s simple and super cute. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Masking Tape Everywhere: You already know we’re huge, huge, HUGE fans of washi tape, but as of late, masking tape is edging in on the more petite competition. We like having the option of a thicker more bold look. Just beware of bubbling. (via MT Casa)

6. Adhesive Vinyl: Get out the ruler, level, and adhesive vinyl. Your low-end dishwasher is getting a polka-dot revamp. If you have some design skillz and a Cameo Silhouette, the possibilities of what you could trick out are seriously endless. (via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

7. Polaroid Pictures: Now what’s cooler than being cool? How but this ice-cold box that’s shaking it with its Polaroid pictures. (via Design Sponge)

8. Tricked Out Magnets: Grab magnet strips, your favorite washi or masking tape, and your favorite photos, and wham, ugly fridge is a beautiful Pinterest board. (via Fraise and Basilic)

9. Spotted Fridge: We couldn’t find the details on their fridge, but we’re thinking this is a good job for the almighty pen known as Sharpie. (via Ryland Peters and Small)

10. Mini Magnet Fridge Gallery: Use your fridge or dishwasher as a place to display your latest acquisitions through your adventures in life. (via Design Sponge)

11. Chevron: Black appliances can equate to a black hole in your kitchen. Lighten things up with a chevron update. Just head to Target and pick up some plain white contact paper. (via Pocketful of Pretty)

12. Gold Stripes: By now it’s clear: Tape makes for the easiest way to take your appliances from blah to blamo. And here is duct tape, taking its turn. (via Rachel Schultz)

13. Mini Fridge Chalk Board: Mini fridges run the gamut of dull to total Boresville. Rather than searching for one that’s actually worthy of your room, just get a plain white one, some chalkboard paint, and start writing away! We’re thinking the mini-bar menu would be a good place to start. (via A Beach Cottage)

14. Star Studded Fridge: Here’s another way to polka-dot your appliances, but this time with a little help from our new friend who goes by the name of contact paper. (via At Home In Love)

15. Hunger: And we’ll end on one that will make you raise your eyebrows, then giggle, then secretly kind of want one for your kitchen. It’s okay. We feel you. (via Bios Monthly)

How do you update old appliances? Let us know in the comments below!