Y’all ready for this? Barbie, yes BARBIE, is now on Instagram. Launched just in time to send Barbie to NY Fashion Week, this Instagram account exudes style, timelessness and… a leggy blond with the best hot pink accessories ever.

Like all style bloggers and ‘grammers, @barbiestyle is already sharing flawless outfits and style inspo on the daily. And yes, her signature hot pink heels are already present throughout the brand new Insta-feed.

We have to admit, we love this playful take on following a brand, especially one as iconic and nostalgic as Barbie. Many of us here experimented with crazy fashion combos for the first time on our childhood Barbie dolls — I personally still remember my obsession with animal print starting when I got TWO Safari Barbie Dolls for my 6th birthday in the late ’80s.

As Elle reports, Barbie is booked to stay at The Standard while in New York and will then caravan with the likes of Cara D and Karlie K to London, Milan and Paris. Obvs.

We definitely recommend adding @barbiestyle to your Fashion Week feed — it will add a nice dose of whimsy to a week that’s sure to be filled with models and celebs taking selfies and rocking perfectly imperfect candid shots for the ‘razzi. We just have one question: When will Entrepreneur Barbie launch her Tumblr?

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(h/t Elle)