Here at B+C we take Halloween very seriously — no joke, we have been planning since May. With the latest release of Star Wars this past winter, we knew that we needed to recreate Halloween costumes around the new and old stars. So, I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much about Star Wars. (Eek I know — I blame not having any brothers.) What I do know is that this little BB8 costume is the cutest and will look adorable on your bb. This costume is actually quite simple to put together but does involve a beach ball and a sewing machine. Let’s get to work!


Materials and Tools:

— white onesie

— 1/2 yard white felt

— 1/2 yard orange felt

— 1/4 yard black felt

— styrofoam ball

— 1/2 inch elastic band

— fiber fill

— 12-inch beach ball

— sewing machine

— hot glue gun

— fabric scissors


To start, cut apart your beach ball (following the lines of the panels), trace and cut out six of these panels from white felt. Starting two inches from the top of the panel and five inches from the bottom of the panel, pin and sew panels together to get the spherical shape.


Turn your shape right side out, then slide the onesie inside to match the top edge of the sphere. Pin in place and sew a few stitches every couple of inches. This will ensure the piece is attached but will still allow the onesie to stretch over your little one’s head. Cut off the bottom five inches of the sphere shape, then pin and sew the base of the felt to the onesie (right at the widest part before it starts to taper). Once attached, cut two holes in the two side panels for the sleeves (and arms) to come through the felt sphere. Use these holes to add the stuffing in between the onesie and felt layer to puff it out and turn the costume into a little BB8 ball.


Create orange and black cut-outs that resemble BB8’s pattern and hot glue them onto the white felt. Create the hat by cutting a styrofoam ball in half and attaching it to an elastic band. Finish it off with orange and black felt detailing.


How cute! This is the perfect group costume for your little family of three :) And don’t worry, the Finn and Rey costumes are coming right up!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Modeling: Ned Rivinus
Photography: Kurt Andre