As much as we love a good smokey eye, there’s nothing like the power of OTT lip art. Mermaid lips are the Ariel-approved design you’ve been waiting for. Want to turn heads this spring? Scroll down for eight out-of-control mermaid lips featuring glitter, translucent shells, and teeny-tiny pearls.

1. Purple and Green: While winter may still linger, these mermaid-inspired lips will make you dream about summer. The best accessory? A pina colada and a fierce cat eye.

2. Pearls and Shells: These pearly lips are screaming mermaid vibes. Add a few transparent shells for a dramatic effect that’s hard to ignore.

3. Ocean Floor: Replicate the deep blue sea on your lips like this next-level lip art. With gold glitter, silver shells, and mini pearls, it’ll transport you under the sea.

4. Purple and Blue: Use a small brush to design the metallic scales on your lower lip, and don’t forget the high gloss finish for the top.

5. Ariel Meets Ursula: Bring out your inner Disney princess with this Ariel-meets-Ursula pout. Add some glitter up top and a bold black liner to get all the compliments.

6. Siren Lips: Take a dive off the deep end by giving this lip art a go. With a matching mani and killer smokey eye, this beauty look is definitely one for the books.

7. Sea Monster: Not all mermaid lips need to be purple and green. Take this trend to a whole other level with deep-sea blue sequins and glitter.

8. Deep Sea Pout: This lip is perfect for a night out on the town when you refuse to go unnoticed. With a few gems and a dark ombre, it makes any ensemble stand out from the crowd.

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