If there’s one makeup look you need to master this Valentine’s Day, it’s most certainly the smokey eye. Combining the boldness of the classic red lip with the flirty vibe of soft, romantic hair, the smoldering smudge across the lid is, for lack of better words, totally freaking hot. Learn how to master this completely covetable xlook with these 10 step-by-step tutorials that show you how you can rock the smokey eye night and day (yes, you can rock the smokey eye before the sun sets!). Learn how to make it happen right here!

1. Wear to Work Smokey Eye: Would you believe us if we said you can totally wear a smokey eye to the office? Just swap the classic black eyeshadow for a more demure shade of brown (see, we told you so!). Take it to nighttime with a smudge of dark, sparkly eyeliner. (via Apartment 34)

2. Simple Smokey Eye: If you’re more of an #allblackeverything kind of gal (that’s me!), then you can consider this your everyday smokey eye. For the rest of the population, this look gives you a taste of how to rock a version that’s simple and striking. (via Keiko Lynn)

3. Inverted Smokey Eye: What the what! We’re nuts about this look that funnels the smokey eye effect inward. For this trendy trick, choose any eyeshadow but black—something light and bright is key, like this lime green shadow. (via Wonder Frost)

4. Classic Soft Smokey Eye: Behold: the classic, soft smokey eye. Far from looking punky yet nowhere near reserved, this look is bound to make you red carpet-ready. (via Keiko Lynn)

5. Metallic Smokey Eye: Add edge to your smokey eye by using a metallic shadow, like the shimmery pewter shade you see here. Amp up the look by highlighting with a rusty brown shadow and defining with teal eyeliner. (via Refinery29)

6. Solid Color Smokey: Even if you’re so totally over black eye makeup, you still can rock the smokey eye. We promise! Try the same technique with a soft colored shadow like this dreamy lilac. (via Beautylish)

7. Smokey Cat Eye: Learn how to seamlessly combine two of the most eye-conic looks of all time in this tutorial: the cat eye and, of course, the smokey eye. With a bold, liquid-lined flick and sprawl of pastel shadow, the look is—without a doubt—pretty, and, if you’re as confident as Keiko Lynn, can be worn everyday. (via Keiko Lynn)

8. The Right Smokey Eye to Rock With Red Lips: If you think stories of successfully rockin’ a smokey eye with a bright red lip are just tall tales, think again! It’s not just possible to rock a subdued smokey with a bold lip, it’s definitely doable as you see here. Myth = busted! (via Love My Dress)

9. Gilded Smokey Eye: Look no further: this is your go-to smokey eye statement look. Build upon that charcoal haze with vibrant gold eyeshadow that’s particularly stunning on ladies with wide-set eyes. (via Keiko Lynn)

10. Tri-Colored Smokey Eye: Count ‘em: not one, not two, but three (!) shades of shadow are used to create the smokey eye as you’ve never seen it before. We’d reserve this technicolored look for either the height of summer… or a Ziggy Stardust-themed warehouse party, whichever comes first :) (via Keiko Lynn)

What’s your favorite smokey eye look? What about other statement eye looks in general? What tutorials should we be writing about? Tell us in the comments below.