You like to sleep in your bedroom – that’s a given – but your bedroom shouldn’t put you to sleep. It’s your personal escape, after all, whether it’s a place for you to Netflix binge or dive into a book after the kids have fallen asleep. And while there’s bedroom decor inspiration everywhere, it can be hard to decide on one color scheme that fits your style. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to spicing up your bedroom with an unexpected and fresh color combo. After you’ve decided on one, be sure to add accessories, wall art and anything else that your space could possibly need to feel less blah and a little more YAS.

1. Brights and Peach: Lumped into the bright category are colors like highlighter yellow, orange and blue. You probably would never mix these three with a pastel peach, but it ends up creating a beautiful, modern feel that’s equal parts cool and cozy. Don’t forget the funky accents and a furry throw – they’re the icing on your decor cake. (via The Decorista)

2. Jet Black and Gold: You’re seeing a lot of gold on this list, but the more interesting hue in this matchup is the black. It’s not often that you use this color as a main hue in a design concept, but it looks tres modern when the paint job is professional and crisp. (via Émilie Rousseaux for Design Sponge)

3. Citrus Chic: Yellow and orange in the bedroom? It might sound crazy, but it doesn’t look crazy at all. Balance out your brights with a deep black neutral and have fun with your prints. (via Like Neely Ohara)

4. Soft Gray and Pink: This is yet another calming combination: The coolness of the gray balances out the warmth and femininity of the pastel pink. You’ll want to curl up in this bedroom on many a lazy Sunday. (via Micasa)

5. Turquoise and White: We often see turquoise paired with cool silver (#jewelrygoals) but it also goes swimmingly with the crispness of clean white. This breezy palette can be further spiced up with bright pops of yellow and pink, and the white walls make it perfect for a space you rent but can’t paint. (via Sköna Hem)

6. Blush and Black: The softness of blush doesn’t wither next to a dark black. Instead, it looks even sweeter. A few white accents will further pave the stylish road between these light and dark hues. (via The Design Files)

7. Moody Blues, Not-Moody Pinks: This design strikes a nice balance, which makes it a great color combo for the place you go to unwind. Watch as you go from a moody blue to a not-moody pink yourself. (via Lonny)

8. Tangerine and Cerulean: The latter color here had to be one of the most coveted crayons in the Crayola box. The bright blue hue especially earns its clout when paired with a citrusy punch of orange that comes up a bit unexpected within an otherwise cool palette. (via Domino)

9. Coral and Gold: You’ve probably already worn this color combination, so why not splash it onto the furniture and fabrics of your bedroom? It’s fresh and feminine without feeling too tween. (via Just Destiny)

10. Emerald, Topaz and Sapphire: When played well, jewel tones can create a look that’s fresh and youthful. Case in point? This bold + beautiful bedroom. (via Idha Lindhag)

11. Sunshine Yellow and Fog Gray: We don’t often associate these two weather patterns, but the right design scheme can bring them together in a way that makes us believe they were meant to be all along. (via Decor8)

12. Primary Pastels: A room full of primary colors might end up looking like the one DJ and Stephanie Tanner once shared on Full House. That’s great if you’re going for an ‘80s vibe, but we assume that a toned-down version of the same concept is more your speed. Pastels exude a more calming tone, while the surrounding grayish palette makes the room super current. (via Est Magazine)

13. Emerald and Berry: Boldly go where other bedroom palettes have simply dipped for accent colors. This jewel-toned combination makes any space feel luxurious without being too heavy. (via Dimples and Tangles)

14. Hot Pink, Royal Blue and Gold: The richness of royal blue and gold bring hot pink to a whole new level of sophistication. Step aside, unicorns and cotton candy: This color’s ready for the big leagues. (via Apartment Therapy)

15. Black, White and …: Black and white create a crisp yet blank slate for you to add a pop of whatever color floats your boat. We’d suggest something bright, like the magenta pillow that’s been stacked on this otherwise simple bed set, but the choice is all yours. (via Aubrie Pick for Rue)

16. Glitz, Bright and White: Gold is really making a name for itself on our list. This time around, it’s going full glitz with crisp white linens and accents in unexpected, saturated pink and orange. (via Lonny)

17. Goldenrod and Pink: We dare you to try waking up on the wrong side of the bed amid this happy color combination of rich buttery yellow and cheery pink. (via The Venue Report)

Which color scheme speaks to you the most? What colors did you choose for your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below and show us some pics with #britstagram.