Wearable company Bellabeat first popped up on our radar back in March of 2014 when they released a device allowing pregnant women to listen to their baby’s heartbeat at home. Now they’re back with a new product called the “Leaf,” which allows women to track and manage their health with ease. The Leaf is a piece of smart jewelry that can track activity, sleep, stress levels and even your reproductive health. Step aside, FitBit — it looks like you may have just met your match.


Let’s start with the basics: like most wearables, the Leaf comes with an accompanying app. Throw on the device and you’ll be able to track your activity throughout the day (calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, etc.). You can also track your sleep cycle.

What sets this product apart is its focus on the reproductive system. Use the device and the app together to view your ovulation, premenstrual and period days at a glance. This tool could be a key resource for women looking to conceive. For those who aren’t looking to enter motherhood just yet, this feature can help you gain a better understanding of how other aspects of your health are affected during those days of the month.


The Leaf can also help you manage stress. Clip the device onto your chest and it can track your breathing movements (which is what it uses as an indicator for stress). Head on into the app and you’ll find quick exercises designed to help keep you calm.


The functionality of the device is impressive, but the design is equally as accomplished. This gorgeous wearable is made from recyclable European wood and steel and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or brooch. The way you wear it will depend on what functions you’re looking to use. If you want to observe your sleep pattern or stress levels, clip it to the waistband of your tights or pants. If you want to track your activity, wear it as a bracelet.

Stores like Target, Best Buy and Bloomingdale’s have committed to selling the device, but you can skip the wait by preordering yours from Bellabeat’s site for $119. Go on ahead and pair it with your Ringly for the prettiest accessory arrangement the wearable world has ever seen.

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(Photos via Bellabeat)