You won’t have to wait until your next sonogram to check in on the bun in your oven. The Bellabeat Connected System lets you track your pregnancy and even hear your baby’s heartbeat at home. Aw, it’s baby’s first app, while baby is still in the womb.

Bellabeat is the first system that lets expecting moms turn their smartphones into portable fetal monitors. The device you place on your belly is like an activity tracker, but instead of miles run and calories burned, this tallies kicks in the Kickcounter and records your little one’s heartbeat.

You’re app-ing for two don’t forget, Mom. YOU can use Bellabeat to organize and plan all of your appointments and prenatal care. The system connects you to other future mamas and your own social channels making the ol’ “sonogram status” so 2012. Now you can upload your baby’s heartbeat recording right to Facebook or email it to the grandma-to-be who lives across the country.

The tech field isn’t, well, pregnant with tools for future moms. Like Glow that helps track your fertility or Cricket, which makes stocking up on everything you need for your newborn easy, apps and websites for the pregnant set are usually focused more on planning. From your dad’s headphones of yesteryear to the BellyBuds of today, devices for your baby bump are usually for baby, not you. So how long until you can take a Fetusgram in your living room? We think a long time. Til then, you can bring Bellabeat home for $129 and download the free BabyWatch app for iOS and Android phones.

Soooo — wow or weird?! Would you use Bellabeat to track your unborn baby?